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Table of Documents for Governance and Administration

Croquet England Governance and Administration Documents

This page provides a central location for Croquet England Associates to access all documentation relating to the governance and administration of the organisation.

The primary document that sets out the governance of Croquet England is the Constitution of Croquet England. Documents relating to governance can be found on the Croquet England public website at Governance Matters and documents relating to welfare and safeguarding are available at Welfare Matters.

Documents issued by the Board of Trustees or by the Executive and its committees are to be categorised following a standardised approach, which is:

There may still be a few documents that do not follow the new approach and/or have not yet been revised to reflect the transition from the Croquet Association to Croquet England. This will be corrected over time. Meanwhile, in the table that follows, hyperlinks are used to categorise documents into one of the six document types.

The order of the rows in this table is alphabetical and without any significance.

  Strategy (Trustees) Reports (Trustees) Policies (Trustees)


Guidance Forms Point of Contact Notes

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Bullying Procedures



Roll of Honour

Merit Award Scheme

    Various as stated  
Code of Conduct    

Codes of Conduct

Competitive Play  

Competitive Play Review

AC regeneration

        Executive Director for Competitive Play and Performance  

Complaints Procedure

Volunteer Grievance Procedure

      Complaints Administrator  
Conflict of Interest    

Conflict of Interest Policy

Court and Equipment Hire      

Court and Equipment Hire


Hire form

Chair of AC or GC Tournament Committee  
Croquet Online    

Croquet Online Policy

Croquet Online Procedures

Data Protection    

Data Privacy Notice


Data Protection

  Chair of IT Committee CqE policy under development

*Nomination for Townsend, Apps Heley and Millennium Club Awards

Chair of Sports Development Committee  
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion  

Improving Inclusivity and Diversity in Croquet

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Procedures


Expenses Policy


Development Funding

Bursary Funding

Development Grant or Loan

Bursary Scheme

Bursary Application

Young Person's Sponsorship Application

Chair of Funding Committee  

Election Rules

Standing Orders of Board

Delegation Policy

Policy for documents of Governance and Administration.

Practice Book

Procedure for documents of Governance and Administration.

Health and Safety        

Health and Safety Guidance


Insurance for Clubs

Insurance for Coaches

International Events        

Players' Expenses and International Kit

  Chair of International Committee Includes policy on team shirts
Membership Rules    

Membership Rules


Individual Subscriber categories


Mentoring Scheme

    Mentoring Officer  
Online Policy    

Croquet Online

Online Procedure

Online communication and content

Photography & Livestreaming

  Complaints Administrator  
Safeguarding and Welfare    

Welfare Policy.

Child & Adult Safeguarding Policies

Child & Adult Safeguarding Procedures,

Introduction to welfare matters

Child & Adult Welfare Guidance

Welfare Forms and Templates.

Safeguarding Officer  


Selection Procedure

    Chairs of AC and GC Selection Committees  

Tournament Regulations


Transgender People Competing in Domestic Competitions.

Transgender People Competing in Domestic Competitions.

    Chairs of AC and GC Tournaments Committees  

Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing Procedures