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The Structure of the Croquet Association

Council Management Committee

The management and control of the Association is vested in a Council comprising:

  • The President
  • The Vice-Presidents
  • The Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer
  • 15 members elected by Individual Associates.
  • A representative from each region (of which there are nine), appointed by the Federations to represent their Member Clubs.

The Manager and The Croquet Gazette Editor may attend Council meetings; both may speak, but neither may vote or be counted towards a quorum.

The Council appoints the Manager of the CA, who is based in the Association's office.

The Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer of the CA are elected annually at the Association's AGM.

The Council elects its Chairman and Vice-Chairman annually.

The Management Committee reports to Council; all other committees report to the Management Committee.

The Management Committee comprises:

  • Its Chairman
  • The Chairman of Council
  • The Vice-Chairman of Council
  • The Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer
  • Four other members, elected by Council

The Croquet Gazette Editor and Webmaster are members of the Publishing Committee

Principal Standing Committees of Council Other Standing Committees
  • Coaching
  • Development
  • Executive
  • International
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Tournaments (Association Croquet)
  • Tournaments (Golf Croquet)
  • Equipment
  • Handicap
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Laws (Association Croquet)
  • Rules (Golf Croquet)
  • Selection (Association Croquet)
  • Selection (Golf Croquet)

The above is a summary of the Association's structure. Please see the Governing Documents for full details. Information about the Officers and Committees, Policies and Strategies is also published.


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