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Election of CA Council

Role of the Council and its Members

The Council has overall responsibility for the affairs of the Association, with a focus on high-level policy, strategic initiatives, scrutiny and transparency. Implementation of that policy is the responsibility of an Executive Board, which the Council appoints. The working committees report to the Executive Board.

There are 12 voting members of the Council. They are elected by individual CA members in constituencies made up of one or more federations. They are to represent the players, clubs and federations in their constituency, balancing the interests of them and those of the CA as a whole as best they can.

Standing for Election

Membership of the Council thus offers a significant opportunity to shape the future of the CA, in the interests of its members as a whole. Members with an active interest in the future of the CA and who have the skills needed for this role are encouraged to stand for election.

However, whilst the Council will set the high-level policy, it will be ineffective unless there is also a strong Executive Board to implement it. The list of skills also shows those wanted for appointment to that, or as a chairman or member of one of its working committees.

Electoral Commission

The election process is managed by an Electoral Commission, consisting of Quiller Barrett (President), Ian Burridge (Hon. Treasurer) and John Reddish (Hon. Secretary), who are responsible to the CA as a whole, which elected them, rather than to Council. They maintain the election rules.


The composition of, and number of Council members returned by, each constituency has been chosen to reflect the geographic distribution of CA members. They are composed of federations as follows:

Constituency Members

North West


Croquet North & Yorkshire


East & West Midlands


East Anglia


South West




South East


To establish the new Council, all twelve members were elected in September, 2019, year and allocated initial terms of 2, 3 or 4 years. An election was held in the constituencies with members allocated 2-year terms in the summer of 2021 and the next election will therefore be in the summer of 2022, unless a by-election is required. Elections will be by single transferable vote.

Please click on the name of the constituency in the table above for further details and to see who was elected for it, and the state of any elections pending.

Electoral Register

CA members were allocated to a constituency based on the federation membership of their primary club (failing which, the leading part of the postcode of their UK address).

You can see the constituency to which you are registered by viewing your details in the CA database (when logged-in, click on your name at the top right of most pages). Please contact the Returning Officer if you believe this is the wrong constituency. To prevent potential abuse during elections, changes are not permitted online and manual ones will only be made to correct manifest errors.


When an election is required, you can vote online, or by post, if you are a CA member (either a directly subscribed, e.g. Premium, member or a Standard member through your club) aged 16 or more registered for one of the contested constituencies. Click the appropriate link to your constituency for details of the candidates or to download a postal ballot paper.