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Voting Membership of Croquet England

Thank you for your interest in becoming a voting Member of the organisation and helping us to develop the amateur sport of croquet in England.

You are already an Associate of Croquet England which entitles you to all the benefits of belonging to the organisation, other than the right to vote and attend General Meetings. There is no additional fee payable to become a voting Member but we do ask that you take a few moments to decide whether or not becoming a voting Member is the right step for you.

As a voting Member, you will occasionally be invited to attend General Meetings, vote in elections or support an event organised by Croquet England. Are these processes that you intend to engage with? They represent an opportunity for you to contribute and have your say in how the organisation is run and we actively encourage everyone with an interest in croquet to play their part in the running of the sport. We are primarily a volunteer organisation and the more people who are willing to play their part in our administration the more effective we can be.

If on the other hand, you are someone who simply wishes to play and who does not intend to engage with meetings, or exercise their vote, etc. this is also fine; the sport is nothing without people playing it. If you decide not to become a voting member now, you can always choose to become a voting member at a later date.

We hope that you decide that becoming a voting Member is right for you and we look forward to you playing your part in helping us achieve our goals. Your voting membership status will remain until you request cancellation or cease being a Croquet England subscriber.

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