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Court and Equipment Hire Fees

Claims to the CA for Court and Equipment Hire can be made on the Court and Equipment Hire form subject to the following:

  1. The CA pays £34 per court per day for lawn, ball and equipment hire.
  2. The accepted practice is to pay for the lunch, tea and reasonable travel expenses of the manager.
  3. Small disbursements, up to say £7, are allowed, but a claim for any other expenses must be sanctioned by the Chairman of the CA Tournament Committee.
  4. In general double-banking should be used throughout, and claims should be for the number of courts actually used. Claims for Short Croquet events are to be made at 50% of the full rate.
  5. Do not deduct Court and Equipment Hire expenses from any monies due to the CA (e.g. entry fees); the full amount of the latter should accompany the claim form.
  6. Claims will be settled as soon as possible on receipt; in the case of clubs that are VAT registered, a VAT invoice should accompany the form.
  7. Once completed, please send the form to the CA Office.


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