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Lawn Speed Definition

For croquet the speed of a lawn is defined as the time in seconds taken for a croquet ball to travel the full length of a standard court when it just comes to rest on the far boundary. On a fast lawn a relatively gentle shot will be adequate for the full traverse, so a fast lawn corresponds to a longer time of transit. Since it is not easy to hit a ball so that it travels exactly one court length, the recommended procedure is to time and measure the length of several shots of approximately court length (35 yards/32 m) and to interpolate or extrapolate to the time for the exact distance. Measurements in opposite directions are averaged.

Alternatively, speeds may be determined in accordance with the method defined by the World Bowls Board by measuring the distance travelled by a standard, unbiased bowl launched from a defined ramp. This system of measurement is used by the makers of artificial surfaces and the CA Equipment Committee has the necessary equipment to make such measurements and has details of the conversion factors between the Croquet and Bowls systems of measurement.

For further information contact the Equipment Committee Chairman.