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Association Croquet

Diagonal Spread (Photo: Samir Patel) Association Croquet is one of the full international versions of the sport (the other being Golf Croquet) played at tournaments and in clubs. For other games you can play, including in your garden, see How to Play.

The game is played by two sides, each with two balls, and with the objective of both balls scoring 12 hoop points and a peg point before the other side. Extra strokes are earned by hitting another ball or running a hoop and so, with skill, a player can play a break that scores many points in a turn, as well as keeping the tactical advantage for the next turn. A top-class player can win a game in only two turns, though at club level a game comprises many turns and can take several hours to complete.

How to Play

See also handicapping - refereeing - coaching - rankings - selection

Information about tournaments is in a separate section, along with details of the National Merit Award Scheme, which encourages enterprising play and raises skills.