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The CA Selection Committee (AC) chooses the CA teams for international matches, players for the "Eights" and the seeding for major championships as defined in the CA Selection Policy. See the Fixtures Book for details of selection events and how to notify your availability for them - an up-to-date schedule is available in the tournament section.

Register your availability for selection events online in the members' area.

Selection Events

  Event Selection Criteria
Eights Week President's Cup The best eight available players
Chairman's Salver The second best eight available players
Spencer Ell Cup The third best eight available players
Treasurer's Tankard The fourth best eight available players
Selectors' Weekend The best of those who do not normally qualify for the other events
Ladies Week Barlow Bowl The six best available women players
Longman Bowl The second best six available women players

Past Results

An Archive of all Previous Winners is available.

The latest news from this year's Eights week may be found in the Championships part of the news section.

Background to Eights Week

The selection (formerly invitation) events used to be run from Monday to Friday, except for the President's Cup, which was Tuesday to Saturday, to allow the lesser mortals to come and spectate! They each have eight competitors, hence eights week.

For a long time there were just two eights: The President's Cup (donated by the President) and the Surrey Cup. The latter was stolen and replaced by the Chairman's Salver

Spencer Ell donated a trophy for the a third eight. The selection committee then asked for an event, the selectors' weekend, for those who could not spare the time for the Eights, or who were on the verge of selection.

Most recently, the Treasurer's Tankard was introduced as a 4th eight, since the other events were so oversubscribed.