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Croquet in the Garden

Autumn Sun at Southwick (Photo: Samir Patel) Autumn Sun at Southwick

This section of the website is aimed at people who enjoy a game of croquet in their back gardens, or who are interested in doing so. We estimate there are in excess of half a million people in the UK who own a croquet set, making it a very popular game for those with a lawn large enough to accommodate it (see What you need).

About Croquet

Croquet is an ideal way to spend a summer's afternoon. It provides some gentle exercise without being too strenuous, it is suitable for all ages, it involves a combination of mental and physical skills, and it is possible to socialise at the same time as you are playing (unless of course you are getting very serious about it!).

There are two main versions of the game played in gardens throughout the UK: Garden Croquet and Golf Croquet.

Where to Buy Croquet Equipment

Visit our online shop for books (including the rules) or to buy other croquet equipment. We stock a wide range of croquet sets as well as individual bits and pieces.

Why Not Join Your Local Club?

There are over 180 clubs affiliated to Croquet England in the UK and they are scattered over the whole of the UK. Virtually all clubs offer starter packages and will be quite happy to let all comers try this fascinating game without any financial commitments and may even offer free coaching. Clubs will usually play Association Croquet (of which Garden Croquet is a simplified version) and Golf Croquet.

You can read more about joining a club, or get details of clubs in your area.