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Short Croquet

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Short Croquet is a shortened version of Association Croquet, intended for play on smaller lawns and only contesting 14 points per side. The lawns that are most commonly used are half-size croquet courts (28yds x 17.5yds) or a tennis court (24yds x 16yds).

The main differences between Short Croquet and Association Croquet, other than the court size and the number of points, are the wiring rule and mandatory peels. The wiring rule, simply put, means that if you leave your opponents balls unable to see each other (equivalent to being snookered) then they are able to claim a lift. The mandatory peels rule makes the game much more challenging for better players because, depending upon how good they are, they are required to do one, two or even three peels on one of their own balls.

The laws covering Short Croquet can be found in the Laws of Association Croquet.

There's a Short Croquet handicap system, which includes details on how your matches should be recorded and how a Short Croquet handicap is converted from a full-lawn handicap. The method for calculating the number of bisques in doubles play is also described.

A Short Croquet Handicap Card is downloadable.