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The Laws of Association Croquet

Association Croquet is the official name of the traditional game of croquet played throughout the world. The Laws are sometimes known as the International Laws.

If you are new to the sport, you may find the synopsis of the game or the simplified basic laws more appropriate.

The Laws of Association Croquet (6th Edition, Amended 2008)

The 6th edition of the Laws of Association Croquet has been in effect since January 2001 and was amended in January, 2008. The Laws were prepared by the International Laws Committee (ILC), established by the croquet associations of England and Wales (CA), Australia (ACA), New Zealand (CNZ) and the United States (USCA).

Refer also to the Regulations for Tournaments, Approved Variations to Laws.

Where to Get a Copy

The laws are available:

Other Resources

Previous Editions of the Laws

Previous versions of the laws, rulings and commentary are available in the laws archive.

Official Rulings on the Laws of Croquet (November 2017)

The Official Rulings on the Laws of Association Croquet contains all the judgements on the laws made by the International Laws Committee. This document also contains a commentary on the laws. There is a PDF version of the ORLAC, formatted for printing on A4.

Tournament Regulations

Also note that the Regulations for Tournaments is a separate publication.