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Association Croquet Rankings

Chris and Liz Williams have found a way to promote the game using their Mini Cooper (Photo: Quiller Barrett) UK and World ranking lists for Association Croquet players are compiled continuously by Chris Williams for the World Croquet Federation and are based on results from all tournaments and competitions played worldwide to the internationally recognised 'Laws of Association Croquet' played as Level Advanced games. The performance of players from the UK and Ireland plus overseas players who are resident in the UK is extracted from the world listing and is published as a separate listing.

Please refer also to the Fixtures Book notes on the Croquet Ranking and Grading Systems to understand how it is applied.

UK tournament managers please refer to How to Report Results and News.

All overseas results should be sent direct to the WCF's Ranking Officer.

Please ensure results are submitted as promptly as possible.

These rankings are calculated by and displayed on Chris Williams' website, much of the ranking data is available online there. See also A guide to the Rankings System for the non-mathematician


For results, news, reports, corrections, updates, etc. see contact the CA. As an anti-spam measure when not logged-in, # replaces @ in email addresses - click on the link as usual to send an email.

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