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Reporting Results and News

How to Report Results and News

Reporting Tournament News

News reports and photos sent to news#croquet.org.uk go to The Croquet Gazette, the website and other interested parties.

All reports are welcome; and the sooner they are sent after the event, the more welcome they are! Take a look at the publicity page for tips on writing a good report.

If you have a photo of an event, just send it straight away, someone else might send a report with no photo. If you take a good croquet-related photo at any time, please send it. If you want to crop photos, do so, but we'd prefer you to leave them at full resolution - whilst we do reduce them for the web, The Croquet Gazette needs as many pixels as possible! You don't need expensive kit - phone-camera snapshots are welcome.

In particular, we'd like photos of people in play, rather than "grip-and-grin" shots of the winner holding the trophy.

When you send in a photo, please make sure you include as much detail as possible in the accompanying email: where and when it was taken, who is in it, and what was the event.

Reporting Results

It is preferred that tournament managers enter all results on Croquet Scores, then the results can be extrapolated in the correct format to allow easy incorporation into the rankings. If you have not used Croquet Scores before, there is a help page for tournament managers on the site.

Results from all* AC and GC level-play games in England should be sent to results#croquet.org.uk, which automatically copies them to the AC and GC ranking officers, The Croquet Gazette, the website and the national tournament managers (inter-club, etc.). Results should be sent in the formats set out below. *This includes all level-play games in championships and tournaments listed in the Fixtures Calendar, including matches between national or regional teams and inter-club matches, plus all inter-club matches and official events organised by the Federations. It does not include internal club events and closed club tournaments.

All overseas results should be sent to gcresults#worldcroquet.org or acresults#worldcroquet.org, which will distribute them to the appropriate ranking officers.

Narrative reports should be sent to news#croquet.org.uk.

Golf Croquet

Please send results in an Excel spreadsheet with the following format as promptly as possible

Anyclub GC Open
3-5 October 2020
9 games
















1 BLOGGS Fred beat DOE John 7 6
2 SMITH Bruce beat BROWN Peter 7 1
3 SMITH Bruce beat DOE John 7 4
4 BLOGGS Fred beat BROWN Peter 7 4
5 DOE John beat BROWN Peter 7 4
6 BLOGGS Fred beat SMITH Bruce 7 6
7 BLOGGS Fred beat SMITH Bruce 7 6
8 SMITH Bruce beat BLOGGS Fred 7 6
9 BLOGGS Fred beat SMITH Bruce 7 5

Tournament winner: Fred Bloggs


  • enter results in actual order of completion - and not grouped by player
  • report best-of-three matches as two or three separate games
  • include the stage of the tournament before the relevant games, eg 'Block A', 'Final', 'Plate', as shown above
  • ensure that spellings of both surnames and forenames are exactly correct
  • report the GC handicap of any players new to the system and include their full first name as well as any preferred name

Association Croquet

Plain text, in a standard email, is always preferred - please don't spend much time formatting the text, almost every time it has to be redone before presenting in each medium, and undoing your hard work can take longer! If you need to present information in a table, use just a single tab between the columns (and not lots of spaces). Often, information sent in a spreadsheet is difficult to use, particularly blocks - separating it into who-beat-whom is much appreciated.

You should include the date of the event, and make sure the games are in the order in which they were played (this has significance for the ranking systems since a player's index is calculated after each game). Always state the result and, unless obvious, the place and type of croquet played:

  • Fred Bloggs won the Little Snodgrass AC Open
  • Little Snodgrass beat Upper Dixall 4-3 at Surbiton in the Secretary's Shield

The ideal format for reporting results is as follows, note that the date is an essential part of the results report and a blank line indicates different sessions:

Little Snodgrass Open 20-25 July 2006

Fred Bloggs beat John Doe +26
Bruce Smith beat Percy Picacity +7
John Smith beat Jock McTavish +10
Fred Bloggs beat Bruce Smith +4
John Doe beat John Smith +17tp
Percy Picacity beat Jock McTavish +26tp

For best-of-threes:

Fred Bloggs beat Jock McTavish +16, -3, +26tp
John Doe beat Bruce Smith -6, +17, +17tp


  • In general, the winner is mentioned first. The only exception is when reporting individual team events, where the home team and team member's names are reported first.
  • Only the difference in the scores is reported, so instead of "John Doe 26 Jack Smith 22", you should write "John Doe beat Jack Smith +4"
  • Note that there are no spaces within the game score; neither after the + nor between the score and the peeling abbreviation, and that peeling abbreviations are lower case when part of the score; similarly a game that went to time would be (for example) +11(t).
  • When reporting doubles, list both players joined with an ampersand. If reporting peeling breaks in doubles, indicate the player of the relevant turn with their initials in brackets after the result. e.g. Fulford & Clarke beat Bamford & Gibbons +26tp(F), -26sxp(B), +26tp(C)
  • If the event is played in blocks followed by play-offs, then please separate the blocks and the play-offs. The final should be the last game in the list.
  • Consolation and plate events are sometimes weighted differently for rankings and so their results should be separated clearly from the main events.

Please refer to the Association Croquet Ranking Officer's website for any further instructions.