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Peeling Abbreviations

See also the article on Reporting Results and News, and the jargon dictionary.

The abbreviations used to report the score when a ball has been peeled to the peg and pegged out are shown below.

Peeling abbreviations are reported as lower-case when part of a score +26tp and in upper case when referred to in text, for example: He completed two TPs, a QnP and a TPO in the match.

Abbreviation Description
TP triple peel
STP straight triple peel
STPO straight triple peel on the opponent
TPO triple peel on opponent & winning game
OTP triple peel on opponent & losing game
TPO(t) triple peel on opponent & win on time
OQP quadruple on opponent & losing game
QP quadruple peel
QPO a winning quadruple on the opponent
SQP straight quadruple
OQnP quintuple on opponent & losing game
QnP quintuple peel
QnPO a winning quintuple
OSxP sextuple on opponent & losing game
SxP sextuple peel
SSxP straight sextuple
SxPO winning sextuple on the opponent
SxPO(t) winning sextuple on the opponent on time
SpP septuple peel
OctP octuple peel
NnP nontuple peel (nine hoops)
DcP dectuple peel

Note that (t) indicates the game finished on time, not by pegging out and is shown above with a few abbreviations to indicate how it is used - it can apply whenever the game is not won immediately as a result of pegging out in the peeling turn.