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The Rules of Golf Croquet

This page is about the detailed rules of Golf Croquet. If you are new to the game, then you may find the synopsis of the game, or the set of simplified basic rules, more appropriate.

The 6th Edition of the Rules of Golf Croquet has been published by the World Croquet Federation (WCF), and approved by Council for use in England from 27th March 2022. It includes a changes log and Croquet England's Appendix 4, Wrong Ball Checklist, and Appendix 5, Rule 11 Guidance (on faults). The WCF's text, on which Croquet England's navigable version is based, is available in PDF format.

A video presentation is available to inform members about the GC Rule changes introduced by the 6th Edition. There are also two sets of slides: part I, which covers the key changes likely to affect referees' decisions on the court and part II, which is supplementary material covering other changes. Try your hand at the Rules Quiz to test and expand your knowledge.

Note also that Croquet England's Tournament Regulations apply to tournament play.

Previous versions of the rules, rulings and commentary are available in the rules archive.