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6th July 2001 (World Championship)

Remaining First Round Results

R Fulford (Eng) beat M Suter (SA) +26TP +26
A Sands (Aus) beat C Patmore (Scotland) -23 +20 +5
L Tibble (Eng) beat T Bassett (Aus) +17 +12
D Maugham (Eng) beat M McInerney (Ire) +17TP +3
C Farthing (Eng) beat R Jackson (NZ) -17 +12 +9
J Fournier (USA) beat W Louw (SA) -19 +7TP +15TP
S Williams (Ire) beat J Gibbons (Eng)-13 +13 +13
B Fleming (Aus) beat J Dyer (Eng) -23 +15TP +17
C Clarke (Eng) beat S Meatheringham (Aus) +22 +10
R McInerney (Ire) beat P Hort (Eng) -4 +10 +26

Second Round

R Fulford (Eng) beat A Sands (Aus) +23TP +26TP
D Maugham (Eng) beat L Tibble (Eng)+25TP +26TP
D Bulloch (NZ) beat L McBride (Canada) -4 +14 +26
M Clarke (Aus) beat J Dawson (Eng) +3 +17
J Fournier (USA) beat C Farthing (Eng) +26TP -17 +26TP
S Williams (Ire) beat B Fleming (Aus) +17TP +26
R Brown (Eng) beat C Clarke (Eng) -25TP +26 +1
R Bamford (SA) beat R McInerney (Ire) +17TP -26TP +26TP

Quarter Finals

R Bamford (SA) beat R Brown (Eng) +7TP +26TP
R Fulford (Eng) beat D Maugham (Eng) -26TP +15TP +26TP
D Bulloch (NZ) beat M Clarke (Aus) +26 +21TP
J Fournier (USA) beat S Williams (Ire) +6 +26TP

Semi-finals will be Fulford v Bulloch and Fournier v Bamford


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