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Nigel Amos won the Sidmouth B-Level Advanced Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Nancy Temple at Sidmouth Croquet Club
13 August 2011 (AC)

Nigel Amos won the Sidmouth B Level Advanced Tournament

Games 1
Block A
1 David Marsh beat Brian Shorney +24
2 Robert Moss beat Mike Taylor +23
3 Richard Kimberley beat Derek Andrew +16
4 David Temple beat Gordon Weir + 5t
Block B
5 Richard Wood beat Michael Poole +8t
6 Jonathan Wolfe beat David Clarke +16
7 Nigel Amos beat Richard Way +8t
8 Chris Donovan beat Tony Backhouse +17

Games 2
Block A
1 Brian Shorney beat Mike Taylor +4
2 David Marsh beat Derek Andrew +15
3 Robert Moss beat Gordon Weir +13
4 David Temple beat Richard Kimberley +12
Block B
5 Richard Wood beat David Clarke +4t
6 Richard Way beat Michael Poole +8
7 Jonathan Wolfe beat Tony Backhouse +13t
8 Nigel Amos beat Chris Donavan +15

Games 3
1 Peter Hills beat Derek Andrews +16
2 Gordon Weir beat Mike Taylor +3t
3 David Marsh beat David Temple +5t
4 Richard Kimberley beat Robert Moss +20
Block B
5 Richard Wood beat Richard Way +1t
6 David Clarke beat Tony Backhouse +12
7 Chris Donovan beat Michael Poole +16
8 Jonathan Wolfe beat Nigel Amos +1t

Games 4
Block A
1 Peter Hills beat Gordon Weir +1t
2 Derek Andrew beat David Temple +2
3 Richard Kimberley beat Mike Taylor +21
4 Robert Moss beat David Marsh +11

Block B
5 Tony Backhouse beat Richard Wood +14
6 Chris Donovan beat Richard Way +2
7 Nigel Amos beat David Clarke +18
8 Jonathan Wolfe beat Michael Poole +8

Games 5
Block A
1 David Temple beat Peter Hills +2
2 Richard Kimberley beat Gordon Weir +19
3 Robert Moss beat Derek Andrew +16
4 Mike Taylor beat David Marsh +4t
Block B
5 Richard Wood beat Chris Donovan +6
6 Nigel Amos beat Tony Backhouse +8
7 Richard Way beat Jonathan Wolfe +1t
8 David Clarke beat Michael Poole +3t

Games 6
Block A
1 Richard Kimberley beat Robert Hammond +24
2 Robert Moss beat David Temple +4t
3 David Marsh beat Gordon Weir +11
4 Derek Andrew beat Mike Taylor +8
Block B
5Nigel Amos beat Richard Wood +17
6 Chris Donovan beat Jonathan Wolfe +18
7Michael Poole beat Tony Backhouse +7
8 Richard Way beat David Clarke +10
Games 7
Block A
1 Robert Moss beat Peter Hills +12
2 David Marsh beat Richard Kimberley +1t
3 David Temple beat Mike Taylor +10
4 Derek Andrew beat Gordon Weir +16
Block B
5 Richard Wood beat Jonathan Wolfe +17
6 Nigel Amos beat Michael Poole +8
7 Chris Donovan beat David Clarke +22
8 Richard Way beat Tony Backhouse +10t

Games 8
2 Richard Wood beat Robert Moss +13
2 David Marsh beat Chris Donovan +8
4 Richard Way beat Derek Andrew +5t
5 David Temple beat David Clarke +19
6 Michael Poole beat Mike Taylor +9

Winner block B Winner block A
Nigel Amos beat Richard Kimberley +5


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