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David Dray from Ramsgate wins the 4th Lancashire International Open Golf Croquet tournament playing with three different mallets!

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by Abdul Ahmed
1st May 2003 (GC)

The tournament was held at the Croquet In Pendle Club on 26th and 27th April 2003. The weather was kind. It was bright and pleasant on Saturday; and, mostly bright but cold on Sunday. Play began at 9.45am on Saturday. On Saturday the format was Block play followed by a knock-out and play-offs for minor places.

All matches were closely fought. The shock of the day was John Moore's failure to qualify for the knock-out stage. David Dray's determination to win was demonstrated clearly after his mallet handle broke whilst playing in the quarter-finals. He completed the match with a borrowed mallet and finished the tournament with a mallet supplied by Professor Pidcock on Sunday. On Sunday play began at 9.15am. The knock-out section was completed, minor places were resolved and a consolation doubles event was contested by those not involved in the singles final.

Block Results

First 4 in each Block go into Final K-O

Block 1

1st Edward Dymock 5/5 beat Sam Curry 7-3; David Dray 7-3; Maymes Ansell 7-1; John Moore 7-2; and, Bruce Rannie 7-5.
2nd Bruce Rannie 4/5 beat Sam Curry 7-6; David Dray 7-3; Maymes Ansell 7-2; John Moore 7-3.
3rd David Dray 3/5 beat Sam Curry 7-4; Maymes Ansell 7-0; John Moore 7-5.
4th Sam Curry 2/5 beat Maymes Ansell 7-3; John Moore 7-6.
5th John Moore 1/5 beat Maymes Ansell 7-3. 6th Maymes Ansell 0/5.

Block 2

1st Derek Old 5/5 beat Alan Pidcock 7-6; Malcolm Gibson 7-3; Leo Dungan 7-6; Roy Ware 7-0; Patricia Duke-Cox 7-3.
2nd Alan Pidcock 4/5 beat Malcolm Gibson 6-3; Leo Dungan 7-2; Roy Ware 7-4; Patricia Duke-Cox 7-2.
3rd Mal Gibson 3/5 beat Leo Dungan 7-4; Roy Ware 7-5; Patricia Duke-Cox 7-2.
4th Roy Ware 2/5 beat Leo Dungan 7-3; Patricia Duke-Cox 7-3.
5th Leo Dungan 1/5 beat Patricia Duke-Cox 7-5.
6th Patricia Duke-Cox 0/5.

Knockout Results

Best of 3, 13 points games
Winner David Dray Q/f bt A Pidcock 7-6; 4-7; 7-3; S/f bt E Dymock 6-7; 7-3;7-1; F bt D Old 7-6; 7-3.
Runner-up Derek Old Q/f bt S Curry 7-6;7-6; S/f bt B Rannie 7-6;7-5.
=3rd Edward Dymock Q/f bt R Ware 7-6; 7-4.
=3rd Bruce Rannie Q/f bt M Gibson 7-6; 7-3.
Winner received an antique silver salver and £140, Runner-up received £48, losing s/f each received a bottle of wine!

Open Singles Final Mionr Places Results

5th Alan Pidcock bt R Ware 7-6; bt S Curry 7-2.
6th Samantha Curry bt M Gibson 7-5.
7th Malcolm Gibson bt R Ware 7-5;
8th Roy Ware
9th John Moore bt Leo Dungan 7-3.
10th Leo Dungan
11th Patricia Duke-Cox bt Maymes Ansell 7-5.
12th Maymes Ansell

The winners each received a silver cup and £24.00

Consolation Doubles Event

All play All
Winners Edward Dymock and John Moore 4/4
Runners-up Bruce Rannie and Roy ware 3/4
3rd Samantha Curry and Alan Pidcock 2/4
4th Maymes Ansell and Malcolm Gibson 1/4
5th Leo Dungan and Patricia Duke-Cox 0/4.


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