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Bristol beat Roehampton to win the Mary Rose 4-3

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6th October 2003 (AC - Mary Rose)

Bristol Won the Mary Rose in a close fought match against Roehampton in wintery conditions at Cheltenham.

The two morning singles were won comfortably by the Bristol players and it looked like an easy win for Roehampton in the doubles. David Mooney was quickly round to 4-back and Kathleen Priestley had advanced to the peg before the Bristol pair had taken croquet. Bristol's token man, Edward Huxley, then managed to hit, went to the peg and pegged out Kathleen. From the contact David took position at 4-back and ran it in the next turn. Although he had several good hits he had difficulty in progressing but eventually managed to get to the peg. Marian Hilton had been creeping around but she failed penult and David hit the lift and pegged out.

In the afternoon Kathleen proved too good for Marian and Edward beat David, so the score at this point was 3-2 to Bristol. The final two singles were proving difficult to predict with the innings changing frequently but having been revived by a Cheltenham cup of tea, Margaret Pena managed to beat Douglas Gurney by a mere 7 points. In the final game it looked as though Frances Ransom would creep home against Mike Hann but in her leave she unluckily croqueted one of Mike's balls into the jaws of hoop 2 with a ball close to 'B' baulk. Frances didn't take croquet again and Mike won a close game +5.


Bristol names first
Marian Hilton and Edward Huxley lost to Kathleen Priestley and David Mooney -4
Margaret Pena beat Mike Hann +22
Frances Ransom beat Douglas Gurney +15

Marian Hilton lost to Kathleen Priestley -22
Edward Huxley beat David Mooney +16
Margaret Pena beat Douglas Gurney +7
Frances Ransom lost to Mike Hann -5


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