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The MacRob Weather Report - Day Six

[<<] [>>] by Bob Alman at West Palm Beach
6 Nov 2003 (International)

At 10:55 AM on Day Six, the second series of test matches has not yet begun. Rains closed many of the major traffic arteries in the area at rush hour - including Interstate 95) and some players had still not arrived by 10:00 AM. At the normal starting time of 9:00 AM, heavy rain was falling, and the lawns were sheeted with standing water. Now, looking out my office window over the lawns, I can see that most of it has drained into the Harpo Marx Fairway (aka the Dry Retention Area) in the rear of this 10-acre complete, where water stands a couple of feet deep. If only we had the equipment, there could be kayak races to pass the time. The Ozzies are playing cards on the veranda, other players are with their desktops corresponding with friends and family or conducting business. The play at this year's MacRob is for 15 days straight, so the players have to get in their business and their fun at the same time as the games, with no days off.

No lightning has been heard for at least a half hour. The sky is brightening, though a light rain is still falling. Officials are now testing the wickets, and unless there is more weather, I'd expect to see the game begin by 11:15 AM. This will provide enough time to finish the day's matches before nightfall, as most matches have ended between noon and 3:00 PM in the first five days, which have had no weather delays.

Final Test Scores so Far

Australia 15, New Zealand 6
Great Britain 15, USA 6
Needed to win: 11

On Day Five, all the games were "dead" - played after the test matches had already been won by Australia and Great Britain. But the scores will count nonetheless in the case of test match tie, going first to match wins and then to game wins.

Australia glided home to cinch the victory they have aimed for consistently since Day One of the test match against arch-rival New Zealand.

And the United States team showed new confidence and strength by splitting 3-3 in singles against the Brits on the last day of the test - Confidence and strength they'll need against a New Zealand team stung by an unexpected defeat by Australia.

On this sixth day, the three of the nine doubles matches in each test will be played: USA against New Zealand; and Great Britain against Australia.


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