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Summaries of peeling, wins and losses from the MacRobertson Shield

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19th November 2003 (International)

Note that losing TPOs are shown as OTP. The numbers are skewed somewhat by the doubles: some partnerships had a distinct tendency for one partner to go ro0und first and leave the other with the TP opportunity.

Name TP/SXP TPOs OTPs wins losses
Great Britain
Avery 12TP 1   8D, 5S 1D, 1S
Maugham 1STP, 11TP 2 2 8D, 5S 1D, 1S
Burrow 3TP 1   4D, 1S 5D, 5S
Mulliner 5TP 4   4D, 5S 5D, 1S
Clarke 9TP 2 1 5D, 3S 4D, 3S
Fulford 3SXP, 6TP 2 1 5D, 5S 4D, 1S
  50 12 4    
Australia (2nd)
Fleming 14TP     7D, 3S 2D, 3S
Clarke 1TP   1 7D, 3S 2D, 3S
Bassett 13TP     5D, 4S 4D, 2S
Hockey 7TP     5D, 3S 4D, 3S
Forster 1STP, 8TP     3D, 4S 6D, 2S
Meatheringham       3D, 0S 6D, 6S
  44 0 1    
United States of America (3rd)
Stark 1STP, 10TP     5D, 5S 4D, 1S
Taves 4TP 1 1 5D, 2S 4D, 4S
Drake 2TP     4D, 2S 5D, 4S
Fournier 10TP 1   4D, 3S 5D, 3S
Louw 4TP     3D, 3S 6D, 3S
Rosenberry 3TP 1   3D, 1S 6D, 5S
  34 3 1    
New Zealand (4th)
Bulloch 1TP     4D, 4S 5D, 2S
Garrison 5TP     4D, 2S 5D, 4S
Prince 3TP 1 1 4D, 2S 5D, 4S
Wislang 4TP     4D, 2S 5D, 4S
Bryant 4TP     2D, 2S 7D, 4S
Parkinson 5TP     2D, 3S 7D, 3S
  22 1 1    


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