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Expedition in Play - Chris Clarke's perspective

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7th December 2003 (International)

Several people have shown an interest in learning more about my match with the Australian number one, Trevor Bassett, in the Mac. The Tournament Referee correctly reports that I failed to give detailed reasons behind my request for a RiC. I felt that spending 5 minutes giving a full account of my reasons hindered my objective of continuing play expeditiously, but for the record here are my reasons:

I would also like to comment on Rhys' reports where he states; "both players were trying to get into each others heads". I totally refute any suggestion that I was playing or acting in any manner other than that of someone who wishes the game to be played according to the laws.

One of the best things about croquet is that you have the pleasure to play against some of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet and this year's Mac was no exception. I accept that the difference in interpretation as to what is "acceptable gamesmanship" and what is cheating is a difficult one to make and values have changed over the years. It would have been unthinkable 30 years ago for an English cricketer to be caught behind and not walk, but continued mockery of these values is changing some players' mind. I for one hope that true sporting values remain in our unique sport.


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