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Robert Fulford won the Western Championship

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5th May 2004 (AC - Championships)

Over the weekend Robert completed five sextuples and came within inches of an octuple against Pete Trimmer in a plate game. Robert failed the straight rover peel and ended up having to rush peel rover. The peg out attempt was from well south of rover and appeared to miss the peg by very little.

In the second game (+9otp): After the TPO, David got started on a 2-ball break from hoop 3, but got hampered after hoop 5, and went to C4. Robert (for hoop 2) shot from C2 at the ball by the peg, missing to about 10 yards past (and about 10 yards short of the C4 ball). David shot his peg (and mid-court) ball into C1. Robert hit in C4, split it to hoop 3 going to C1 and then approached hoop 2 from C1, ran his 4 yard hoop (just) and finished.

  1. 2tp. Robert's break to 4-back, with partner for 1 and Dave for 3 and 4-back, finished with Rob joined in C2 (with a rush south), Dave's 4-back ball in hoop 2 and hoop 3 ball on East Boundary. Dave hit with his H3 ball in C2, and got his TP underway (freeing the peelee from hoop 2 after hoop 3). However, he hit his rover peelee when trying to jump it from close range at the end of his triple, and sent it off in C4 trying to create a leave. Rob finished.

Main Event

RI Fulford bt R Beijderwellen -15tp +26tp +24tp
CJ Daniels bt K Priestley +14 +3
CJ Irwin bt DGA Nicholson +16tp +16
DJ Kibble bt T Weston -16 +19 +24
GS Liddiard bt D Mundy +25 +18
IR Plummer bt PC Trimmer +26 +8
ET Duckworth bt JF Death +8qp +26tp
CN Williams bt D Harrison-Wood +17 -5tp +8tp

RI Fulford bt CJ Daniels +25sxp +16sxp
DJ Goacher bt MT Evans +25 +15
DJ Kibble bt CJ Irwin +10 -17 +25
SN Mulliner bt TJD Wilkins +26 -26 +10tpo
JB Gibbons bt L Bradforth +24 +26tp
GS Liddiard bt IR Plummer +15 +15
ET Duckworth bt CN Williams +10 +26tp
DB Maugham bt SR Patel +5 +11

RI Fulford bt DJ Goacher +26sxp +26tp
SN Mulliner bt DJ Kibble +26tp +26tp
JB Gibbons bt GS Liddiard +26 +26tp
DB Maugham bt ET Duckworth +17 +8tp

RI Fulford bt SN Mulliner +14sxp +17 +17tp
DB Maugham bt JB Gibbons +17tp -17tp -25tp +26 +12tpo

RI Fulford bt DB Maugham +24tp +9otp +2tp


JF Death bt L Bradforth +26
DGA Nicholson bt MT Evans +25
JF Death bt R Beijderwellen +26tp
D Mundy bt L Bradforth +13
JF Death bt T Weston +26tp
PC Trimmer bt R Beijderwellen +18
DGA Nicholson bt R Beijderwellen +7
SN Mulliner bt PC Trimmer +13
D Harrison-Wood bt T Weston +12
TJD Wilkins bt JF Death +10tp
CJ Daniels bt SR Patel +19
DB Maugham bt JF Death +26tp
MT Evans bt L Bradforth +3
TJD Wilkins bt DGA Nicholson +19
JF Death bt PC Trimmer +8
R Beijderwellen bt D Harrison-Wood +11stp
T Weston bt CJ Daniels +13
D Mundy bt CN Williams +25
DJ Goacher bt SR Patel +3
RI Fulford bt IR Plummer +26sxp
CJ Irwin bt CN Williams +19
TJD Wilkins bt D Mundy +2
JF Death bt DGA Nicholson +26tp
RI Fulford bt PC Trimmer +26
GS Liddiard bt T Weston +17
D Harrison-Wood bt IR Plummer +18
CJ Daniels bt MT Evans +18
DJ Kibble bt R Beijderwellen +19tp
CJ Irwin bt JF Death +25
CN Williams bt DGA Nicholson +23
TJD Wilkins bt DJ Goacher +3
SR Patel bt D Mundy +17tp
CJ Irwin bt R Beijderwellen +15tp
JF Death bt GS Liddiard +6tp
ET Duckworth bt T Weston +16
D Harrison-Wood bt DGA Nicholson +19
CN Williams bt MT Evans +10
SR Patel bt PC Trimmer +12
R Beijderwellen bt CJ Daniels +13
D Harrison-Wood bt DJ Goacher +13
DGA Nicholson bt D Mundy +12
SR Patel bt IR Plummer +14
TJD Wilkins bt T Weston +25
T Weston bt MT Evans +19
D Harrison-Wood bt SR Patel +19tp
TJD Wilkins bt ET Duckworth +12
GS Liddiard bt MT Evans +25
CJ Daniels bt D Harrison-Wood +17

Plate Knockout

JF Death bt TJD Wilkins +17tp
CJ Irwin bt T Weston +20tp
ET Duckworth bt DJ Goacher +26tp
CN Williams bt GS Liddiard +20

JF Death bt ET Duckworth +4tp
CJ Irwin bt CN Williams +11

JF Death bt CJ Irwin +10tpo


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