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Matt Burrow won the Southwick May Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Kevin Carter
1-3 May 2004 (AC)

Matt Burrow was unbeaten in 11 games, with 9 TPs.
Runner-up: Kevin Carter.
Consolation winner: Fernando Ansonera

A handicap swiss, held in parallel, was won by Myra Gosling.

Main KO Event

Best of 3 except for the two Bo5 highlighted

Matt Burrow beat Jamieson Walker 2-0 (two TPs)
Fernando Ansonera beat Bill Arliss 2-1
Lawrence Whittaker beat Brian Kitching 2-0
Sarah Burrow beat Gerard Healy 2-0
David Hopkins beat Pauline Healy 2-0
Kevin Carter beat Alan Cottle 2-0

Matt Burrow beat Christine Constable 2-0 (one TP)
Lawrence Whittaker beat Fernando Ansonera beat 2-1
Sarah Burrow beat Jonathon Isaacs beat 2-0
Kevin Carter beat David Hopkins beat 2-0 (one TP)

Matt Burrow beat Lawrence Whittaker 2-0 (two TPs)
Kevin Carter beat Sarah Burrow 3-0 Bo5

Matt Burrow beat Kevin Carter 3-0 (two TPs) Bo5
Lawrence Whittaker beat Sarah Burrow 2-1

Consolation Swiss

Christine Constable beat Jonathon Isaacs
Alan Cottle beat Jamieson Walker
Gerard Healy beat Brian Kitching
Lawrence Whittaker beat Pauline Healy
Gerard Healy beat Alan Cottle
Christine Constable beat Jamieson Walker
Matt Burrow beat Brian Kitching TP
Sarah Burrow beat Pauline Healy
Bill Arliss beat David Hopkins
Kevin Carter beat Brian Kitching
Matt Burrow beat Alan Cottle TP
Bill Arliss beat Christine Constable
Gerard Healy beat David Hopkins
Jonathon Isaacs beat Alan Cottle
Jamieson Walker beat Pauline Healy
David Hopkins beat Brian Kitching
Gerard Healy beat Bill Arliss
Alan Cottle beat Pauline Healy
Jonathon Isaacs beat Jamieson Walker
Fernando Ansonera beat Christine Constable
David Hopkins beat Sarah Burrow
Gerard Healy beat Lawrence Whittaker
Bill Arliss beat Brian Kitching
Alan Cottle beat Christine Constable
Fernando Ansonera beat Jamieson Walker
Fernando Ansonera beat Gerard Healy
Bill Arliss beat Alan Cottle
David Hopkins beat Jonathon Isaacs
Jamieson Walker beat Brian Kitching
Pauline Healy beat Christine Constable
Jamieson Walker beat Bill Arliss
Fernando Ansonera beat David Hopkins
Jonathon Isaacs beat Pauline Healy
Gerard Healy beat Christine Constable


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