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Ms S Curry won the Womens' Open Golf Croquet Championship

[<<] [>>] by Abdul Ahmad at Ripon Spa Hotel
23rd May 2004 (GC)

The Championship was successfully brought to a close in brilliant sunshine. The "BUZZ" had reached the surrounding countryside referring to the beauty on show to such an extent that the Queen brought her court to witness the finals. Unfortunately the competitors and spectators were not impressed; and, the local beekeeper had to be summoned to calm the swarm. Much the same way the joint organisers Abdul Ahmad and Keith Smith had to deal with 24 ladies. The feeling of the assembled players was that of complete satisfaction with board and play. The groundsman was congratulated on producing well manicured lawns.

Thanks were given to Ripon Spa Hotel, Hotter Shoes and Harrogate Spa Water for their continued support of the championship.

Blocks were a single best-of-13-points game

Alpha Block

1st Mrs F Vitty 4/5 Beat Ms V Harding 7-2, Mrs J Hand 7-6, Mrs C Steinberg 7-1, Ms J Blake 7-1
2nd Mrs D Cole 4/5 Beat Ms V Harding 7-6, Mrs J Hand 6-5, Mrs C Steinberg 7-0, Mrs F Vitty 6-5
3rd Mrs J Hand 3/5 Beat Ms V Harding 6-5, Mrs C Steinberg 7-2, Ms J Blake 7-4
4th Ms V Harding 1-/ Beat Mrs C Steinberg 7-1
5th Ms J Blake 1/5 Beat Mrs C Steinberg 7-2
6th Mrs C Steinberg 0/5

Beta Block

1st Ms S Curry 5/5 Beat Mrs C Taylor 7-2, Mrs I Burns 6-3, Ms P O'Regan 7-1, Ms J van Shalkwijk 7-0, Mrs E Buxton 7-4
2nd Mrs I Burns 4-/ Beat Mrs C Taylor 7-3, Ms P O'Regan 6-5, Ms J van Shalkwijk 7-5, Mrs E Buxton 7-3
3rd Mrs C Taylor 3/5 Beat Ms P O'Regan 7-1, Ms J van Shalkwijk 7-2, Mrs E Buxton 7-3
4th Mrs E Buxton 1/5 Beat Ms J van Shalkwijk 7-3
5th Ms P O'Regan 1/5 Beat Ms J van Shalkwijk 7-2
6th Ms J van Shalkwijk 0-5

Theta Block Results

1st Mrs R Longbottom 4/5 Beat Mrs I Wedderburn 6-5, Mrs J Pringle 7-3, Mrs M Ansell 7-5, Mrs V Meldrum 6-2
2nd Mrs V Meldrum 3/5 Beat Mrs E Martin 7-6, Mrs I Wedderburn 7-5, Mrs M Ansell 7-6
3rd Mrs J Pringle 3/5 Beat Mrs E Martin 6-5, Mrs M Ansell 7-4, Mrs V Meldrum 7-1
4th Mrs I Wedderburn 2/5 Beat Mrs E Martin 7-6 and Mrs J Pringle 7-5
5th Mrs E Martin 1/5 Beat Mrs M Ansell 7-4
6th Mrs M Ansell 1/5 Beat Mrs I Wedderburn 7-1

Omega Block Results

1st Mrs C Street 3/5 Beat Mrs J Old 7/5; Mrs J Brown 7/6; and, Mrs F Rogers 7/5
2nd Mrs J Old 3/5 Beat Mrs R Pimlott 7/6; Mrs J Brown 7/2; and, Mrs L Keable 6/4
3rd Mrs J Brown 3/5 Beat Mrs R Pimlott 6/5; Mrs L Keable 7/0; and, Mrs F Rogers 7/2
4th Mrs F Rogers 2/5 Beat Mrs J Old 5/3 and Mrs R Pimlott 7/6
5th Mrs R Pimlott 2/5 Beat Mrs L Keable 7/2 and Mrs C Street 6/5
6th Mrs L Keable 1/5 Beat Mrs F Rogers 7/6

Top 2 players in each block qualified to play in the knockout to decide the outcome of the 2004 Championship. Those who didn't qualify contested the consolation doubles prize.

Singles Knockout


A single best of 19 points game
MS F Vitty Beat Mrs V Meldrum 10/4
Mrs I Burns Beat Mrs C Street 10/9
Mrs R Longbottom Beat Mrs D Cole 9/8
Ms S Curry Beat Mrs J Old 10/4

Semi-Finals Results

A single best of 19 points game
Ms F Vitty Beat Mrs I Burns 10/4
Ms S Curry Beat Mrs R Longbottom 10/8


Best of 3; 13 points games

Ms S Curry Beat Ms F Vitty 7/4; 7/5

Minor Places

A single best of 13 points game
Joint 3rd and 4th Mrs R Longbottom and Mrs I Burns
5th Mrs D Cole Beat Mrs J Old 7/5 and Mrs V Meldrum 7/3
6th Mrs V Meldrum Beat Mrs C Street 7/6
7th Mrs J Old Beat Mrs C Street 7/5
8th Mrs C Street

Consolation Doubles

2004 Winners: 5/5 Mrs J Pringle and Ms J Blake
Joint Runners-up: 4/5 Mrs F Rogers and Mrs C Taylor; and,
Mrs J Hand and Mrs I Wedderburn.
4th 3/5 Mrs E Martin and Mrs J Brown
5th 2/5 Ms V Harding and Mrs L Keable
6th 1/5 Mrs P O'Regan and Mrs J van Shalkwijk
7th 1/5 Mrs R Pimlott and Mrs E Buxton
8th 0/5 Mrs C Steinberg and Mrs M Ansell


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