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Another successful Coach Qualification Course held in the North

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23rd May 2004 (Other News)

James Hawkins led this particular CQC on 17 and 18 April 2004, assisted by Charles Waterfield and Bruce Rannie. Staging was by Croquet North, hosted at Middlesbrough Croquet Club, using two half lawns and the pavilions on their Prissick site. Catering was by Middlesbrough CC members. Eleven players, from North West Federation, Yorkshire Federation and Croquet North all attended both days, participated fully and successfully, and have been awarded certificates and their Yellow Club Coach Badge. They came from six different clubs in the three regions.

The course was based on the CQC material prepared by Michael Hague, and went very well, with two syndicates, one of six and the other of five players. There was slight time pressure on the Sunday, bearing out Michael's advice not to have more than five in any syndicate, but the situation was satisfactorily retrieved.

There was a comprehensive feedback session immediately prior to handing out certificates and badges, and there were many positive and no negative remarks. The three coaches all enjoyed the weekend too, which is another good sign about the success of the course in general, and this particular edition.

Club Coach Badges

Club Coach Badges were awarded to the following players:

Marjorie Eldon (Huddersfield, 16)
Phil Errington (Belsay Hall, 7)
Jean Gooden (Huddersfield, 20 (10 short))
Hilary Grant (Middlesbrough, 16)
David Hoyle (Ryedale, 11)
Liz Nisbet (Belsay Hall, 10)
Roger Staples (Middlesbrough, 14, new Associate)
John Taylor (Southport and Birkdale, 13)
Phil Terry (Middlesbrough, 14)
Derek Watts (Tyneside, 5)
Sheila Watts (Tyneside, 6)

Club Coach Badges also awarded to the following directing staff:

Bruce Rannie (Tyneside, Croquet North Regional Coaching Officer)
Charles Waterfield (Middlesbrough)

Progress to Grade I Coach

Three course members, David Hoyle (Ryedale and Pendle), Marjorie Eldon (Huddersfield Syngenta and Pendle) and Roger Staples (Middlesbrough) were obviously talented coach material and will be formally assessed for Grade I qualifications shortly. This further qualification will assist David Hoyle with his attempts to set up Ryedale Club, and he and Marjorie Eldon ought to be very useful additions to any battery of coaches that Yorkshire Federation might call upon. As both David and Marjorie are country members at Pendle, they could also be used within the North West Federation, as James Hawkins is RCO there. Roger Staples will become a resource to share the load at Middlesbrough with Charles Waterfield, and elsewhere in the Croquet North region.


Of the others, four will be followed closely within their regions, John Taylor in North West Federation, Phil Errington, Derek Watts and Sheila Watts within Croquet North, as all showed potential for further qualification with more experience and guidance. The other four will all be helpful within their own clubs.


Now that the CQC has been running for a few years, it becomes more obvious at every session that the CA should have initiated such a course many years ago. Even longstanding coaches, and ex-teachers, appreciate the emphasis placed on the method and techniques that the classroom sessions show, and the practical sessions which can also bring new ideas from others into their repertoire to freshen it up. Whether we will ever achieve the idea that all coaches have to re-qualify on a regular basis is a moot point, but assisting on this course as Directing Staff is as good a way of going on a refresher course that any coach could find.

B M Rannie, RCO, Croquet North


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