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England retained the Home Internationals

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23rd June 2004 (International)

England retained the Home Internationals when they won all three test matches at Wrest Park. Ireland were runners up with Wales third and Scotland fourth. Ireland were placed second on the basis of their 6 match wins compared with Wales and Scotland who both had 5.5. Two matches were left uncompleted at one game all.


1 England 3 wins
2 Ireland 1 win 6 matches
3 Wales 1 win 5.5 matches 17 games
4 Scotland 1 win 5.5 matches 12 games

England 4.5 Scotland 0.5

Robert Fulford beat Jonathan Kirby +24tp, +12
David Maugham drew with Keith Aiton -15, +7otp
Mark Avery beat David Magee +12tp, +26tp
John Gibbons beat Bruce Rannie +20, +19
Ed Duckworth beat Gordon Hopewell +20, +14

Ireland 3 Wales 2

Ed Cunningham beat Chris Williams -16tp, +6, +17
Simon Williams beat Sam Tudor -21, +26tp, +23tp
Alan McInerney beat Ian Burridge +16, -21, +8
Fred Rogerson lost to John Evans -3, -22tp
Tom Browne lost to Tony Mrozinski -1, -25

England 4.5 Wales 0.5

Robert Fulford beat Chris Williams -14otp, +19tp, +24tp
David Maugham beat Sam Tudor +26tp, +26tp
Mark Avery beat Ian Burridge +16, +16tp
John Gibbons drew with John Evans -17, +3
Ed Duckworth beat Tony Mrozinski +3, +24tp

Scotland 3 Ireland 2

Jonathan Kirby beat Ed Cunningham +18tp, +24tp
Keith Aiton beat Simon Williams +26tp, +11tpo
David Magee lost to Alan McInerney +19tp, -5, -7
Bruce Rannie beat Fred Rogerson +22, -9, +26
Gordon Hopewell lost to Tom Browne -7, -15

England 4 Ireland 1

Robert Fulford beat Ed Cunningham +23, +26
David Maugham lost to Simon Williams -16, -22
Mark Avery beat Alan McInerney -15, +26tp, +26tp
John Gibbons beat Fred Rogerson +23, +17tp
Ed Duckworth beat Tom Browne +24, +24

Wales 3 Scotland 2

Chris Williams lost to Jonathan Kirby +10, -26, -24tp
Sam Tudor beat Keith Aiton +10, +17
Ian Burridge lost to David Magee +2, -14tp, -26
John Evans beat Bruce Rannie +13, +18
Tony Mrozinski beat Gordon Hopewell +19, +12


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