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Mark Avery won the Edgbaston Trophy

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pictureMark Avery in action

by Andrew Gregory at Edgbaston
5-6 June 2004 (AC)

There were some vaguely interesting endgames in the latter stages of the draw.

The best game was between Mark Avery and Louise Bradforth. Mark was on course for a 7th turn +17tp, but could only peg out one ball. Louise played an all-round 3-ball break. She could have left a longer shot, but it was defended. Mark missed, Louise finished for a 10th turn +1.

Henry Fellows was rover and peg against Roger Jenkins (on 2-back & 4-back), when he inadvertently pegged out one ball (a "grievous"). Cruelly Henry let Roger scrape round until a missed peg-out gave Henry his last chance, which he took.

The final of the draw saw Henry peg out Louise with the backward clips on 3 and 4 respectively. Louise made nothing off the contact, but both sides had good chances until a farcical interlude at rover gave Louise the game.

Meanwhile Avery was storming through the process, and while his performance in the play-off was not quite as clinical as the score suggests, the victory was deserved.

Draw & Process


Roger Jenkins beat Lionel Tibble +17
Henry Fellows beat David Kibble +13
Bill Sidebottom beat Roger Schofield +15
Ken Jones beat David Mundy 3
Mark Avery beat Andrew Gregory +26tp

Jenkins beat Paul Swaffield +14
Fellows beat Sidebottom +21
Avery beat Jones +23
Louise Bradforth beat Martin Granger Brown +11

Fellows beat Jenkins +1
Bradforth beat Avery +1

Bradforth beat Fellows +3


Bradforth beat Fellows +14
Avery beat Jenkins +12tp
Swaffield beat Jones +17
Kibble beat Granger Brown +22tp
Tibble beat Gregory +8

Mundy beat Bradforth +10
Avery beat Sidebottom +10
Kibble beat Swaffield +21tp
Tibble beat Schofield +16

Avery beat Mundy +14
Tibble beat Kibble +26tp

Avery beat Tibble +24tp


Avery beat Bradforth +26tp

Consolation Swiz

Tibble (7/9)


Avery (4)
Tibble (3)
Kibble (3)


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