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Brian Fisk won the Parkstone B-Level

[<<] [>>] by Chris Daniels at Parkstone
August 28-30 2004 (AC)

East Dorset hosted their ever-popular combined B-Level and Handicap tournament over the Bank Holiday weekend. Despite heavy rain on the preceding Friday, which caused early play on Saturday morning to be somewhat soggy, fortunately, further downpours stayed away, and by Monday afternoon the customary Parkstone sun had returned once more!

There were 12 entries for the B-Level, divided into two American blocks of six. In Block A, Brian Fisk carried all before him with 5/5, and qualified for the final playoff block of four (effectively semi-finalists) along with Jonathan Wood (3/5), who got in ahead of John Crowe on who-beat-whom. In Block B, things were much less clear-cut, and going into the final block round, any one of four players could still top the group. In the end, Rodney Parkins prevailed with 4/5, and was joined in the playoff block by Brian Christmas (3/5) again just ahead of Margaret Pena on who-beat-whom.

In the final block, Brian was simply too strong for the others, rarely looking in danger and winning 3/3 comfortably, never less than +15. Jonathan Wood won the battle to finish runner-up in a close finish.

In the other playoff blocks, for positions 5-8 and 9-12, special mention should go to Terry Sparks, who couldn't win a game out of five in the main event, and then came back strongly to win all three in the playoffs!

The Handicap event attracted 8 entries, and was consummately raided by Sidmouth club. With an all-play-all block format to begin, followed by a single play-off round between adjacent finishers, the two finalists were determined by the end of Sunday. Peter Hills won 7/7, and looked in powerful form - the hopes for the underdog were pinned on clubmate Amanda Prowse, who had finished the block on 5/7, just ahead of last year's champion Allan Knight - only Amanda had really threatened Peter during the group stage, losing -1, and another tight match was anticipated. Peter took an early lead, getting a ball round to rover with a bisque remaining, and although unable to make significant progress with the backward ball, nevertheless managed to withstand a late charge by Amanda near time, and hung on to win +11 and clinch a thoroughly deserved victory.

B-Level Final Standings

1st - Brian Fisk
2nd - Jonathan Wood
3rd - Rodney Parkins
4th - Brian Christmas
5th - John Crowe
6th - David Haslam
7th - Peggy Nutland
8th - Margaret Pena
9th - Terry Sparks
10th - John Lonsdale
11th - Julie Hudson
12th - Neil Chalmers

Handicap Final Standings

1st - Peter Hills
2nd - Amanda Prowse
3rd - Allan Knight
4th - Brian Shorney
5th - Kathleen Burt
6th - Tess Burt
7th - Jim Penny
8th - Pat Kennett

CA Bronze Award

Peter Hills

Handicap Changes

Brian Fisk 2.5 to 2
Neil Chalmers 6 to 7
Peter Hills 14 to 11

Full Advanced Results

Brian Fisk bt Julie Hudson +26
Jonathan Wood bt John Crowe +5
David Haslam bt Terry Sparks +25
Margaret Pena bt Peggy Nutland +14
Brian Christmas bt Neil Chalmers +15
Rodney Parkins bt John Lonsdale +17
John Crowe bt David Haslam +9
Peggy Nutland bt Neil Chalmers +16
Brian Fisk bt Terry Sparks +3
Rodney Parkins bt Brian Christmas +9
Margaret Pena bt John Lonsdale +1
Julie Hudson bt Jonathan Wood +9
David Haslam bt Julie Hudson +7
John Lonsdale bt Brian Christmas +6
Brian Fisk bt Jonathan Wood +14
Rodney Parkins bt Peggy Nutland +18
John Crowe bt Terry Sparks +10
Neil Chalmers bt Margaret Pena +15
Jonathan Wood bt Terry Sparks +22
Margaret Pena bt Rodney Parkins +4
Neil Chalmers bt John Lonsdale +9
John Crowe bt Julie Hudson +2
Brian Christmas bt Peggy Nutland +7
Brian Fisk bt David Haslam +2
Brian Christmas bt Margaret Pena +13
Rodney Parkins bt Neil Chalmers +22
Peggy Nutland bt John Lonsdale +2
Brian Fisk bt John Crowe +12
Jonathan Wood bt David Haslam +10
Julie Hudson bt Terry Sparks +9
John Lonsdale bt Julie Hudson +14
Terry Sparks bt Neil Chalmers +18
John Crowe bt Peggy Nutland +16
Jonathan Wood bt Rodney Parkins +9
Brian Fisk bt Brian Christmas +18
David Haslam bt Margaret Pena +14
Terry Sparks bt Julie Hudson +26
John Lonsdale bt Neil Chalmers +21
Brian Fisk bt Jonathan Wood +15
Rodney Parkins bt Brian Christmas +1
John Crowe bt David Haslam +8
Peggy Nutland bt Margaret Pena +15
David Haslam bt Peggy Nutland +3
John Crowe bt Margaret Pena +22
Brian Fisk bt Rodney Parkins +15
Jonathan Wood bt Brian Christmas +7
Julie Hudson bt Neil Chalmers +5
Terry Sparks bt John Lonsdale +11


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