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Gerard Healy won the Sussex County Croquet Club Autumn Tournament

[<<] [>>] by John Loe at Southwick
7th September 2004 (AC - Mixed)

Class Singles

Monteith Bowl

Handicap play
Runner-up: Janet Overell
Winner: Graham Fuller

Daldy Cup

Class C Advanced Play
Runner-up: Quiller Barrett
Winner: Brian Kitching

Scott Cup

Class B Advanced Play
Runner-up: Myra Gosney
Winner: Alan Cottle

Abbey Challenge Cup

Class A Advanced Play
Runner-up: Nigel Gale
Winner: Gerard Healy

CA Merit Awards

Silver: Nigel Urban
Bronze: Helena Urban, Sharon Wood and Janet Overell

Handicap Changes

Nigel Urban to 7
Bill Arliss to 1.5
Mary Knapp to 4
Brian Kitching to 7
Quiller Barrett to 6

Advanced Play - Full Results

A Cottle bt D Brothers
A Cottle bt C Constable
A Cottle bt J Isaacs
A Cottle bt M Gosney
A Cottle bt J Diamond
A Willshaw bt A Nelson
B Arliss bt S Battison
B Arliss bt M Knapp
B Kitching bt A Nelson
B Kitching bt N Urban
B Kitching bt P Gosney
B Kitching bt A Willshaw
B Kitching bt Q Barrett
C Constable bt J Diamond
D Brothers bt C Constable
D Hopkins bt B Arliss
D Hopkins bt D Tutt
D Mumford bt G Mears
D Mumford bt B Arliss
D Mumford bt D Hopkins
D Tutt bt S Battison
D Tutt bt B Arliss
D Tutt bt F Low
F Low bt S Battison
F Low bt M Knapp
G Healy bt D Mumford
G Healy bt N Gale
G Healy bt D Hopkins
G Healy bt M Knapp
G Healy bt D Tutt
G Mears bt F Low
G Mears bt M Knapp
G Mears bt S Battison
J Diamond bt D Brothers
J Isaacs bt D Brothers
J Isaacs bt C Constable
J Isaacs bt J Diamond
M Gosney bt J Isaacs
M Gosney bt C Constable
M Gosney bt D Brothers
M Gosney bt J Diamond
M Knapp bt S Battison
N Gale bt D Hopkins
N Gale bt D Mumford
N Gale bt G Mears
N Gale bt F Low
N Urban bt P Gosney
N Urban bt A Nelson
N Urban bt A Willshaw
P Gosney bt A Willshaw
P Gosney bt A Nelson
Q Barrett bt N Urban
Q Barrett bt A Nelson
Q Barrett bt A Willshaw
Q Barrett bt P Gosney


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