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Barry Gould won the Guilford & Godalming weekend

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4-5 Sep 2004 (AC - Handicap)

Entry of 7 dropping to 6, with handicaps ranging from 16 to 2.

Round-robin, the matrix adjusted to accommodate the loss of M Winn-Smith for the second day. The Chapman Challenge Cup returned home with Barry Gould of G&G winning 5-0 which ended the cup's sojourn with Matthew Winn-Smith.

Skies blue, heat significant, courts speedy, action slow paced; but all games completed within time.

Final Position

Figures in brackets include results of Winn-Smith games
Barry Gould 5-0 (6-0)
Simon Hewett 3-2 (3-2)
Peter Thompson 3-2 (3-3)
Chris Donavon 2-3 (3-3)
Charles Askew 1-4 (1-4)
Russell Bretherton 1-4 (1-4)

Barry played his bisques attackingly and too the game to each of his opponents. He stood up well to the time on court in the intense heat of the day - he was spending most of the time making the breaks whilst others relaxed in the relative comfort of the shade. This performance brings Barry's handicap down to 14. The manager foolishly offered himself up to play Bretherton before lunch and paid the price.

Gould bt Askew +23
Gould bt Donavon +18
Gould bt Thompson +25
Gould bt Bretherton +22
Gould bt Hewett +11

Hewett bt Askew +20
Hewett bt Donavon +18
Hewett bt Thompson +26

Thompson bt Askew +12
Thompson bt Bretherton +10
Thompson bt Donavon +2

Donavon bt Bretherton +16
Donavon bt Askew +26

Askew bt Bretherton +21

Bretherton bt Hewett +16


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