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Khaled Younis takes the Yorkshire Open Title for the third time

[<<] [>>] by Abdul Ahmad at Ripon Spa Hotel
Sept. 7 2004 (GC)

The 9th Yorkshire Open International Golf Croquet Championship was held in glorious sunshine. 24 players contested for this year's titles. 4 came from Egypt, 2 from Ireland and the rest from various parts of the UK. Spectators were treated to excellent croquet.

The Championship was sponsored by Ripon Spa Hotel, Hotter Shoes and Harrogate Spa Water.


Blocks matches were a single best-of-13-points game. Time limit of 45 minutes was imposed. Draws were accepted at this stage.

Block A

1st Khaled Younis 5/5 Beat Don Beck 6-3t, Maymes Ansell 7-3, Ros Pimlott 7-2, Derek Buxton 7-0, Alan Pidcock 7-0
2nd Alan Pidcock 4/5 Beat Don Beck 5-4t, Maymes Ansell 7-1, Ros Pimlott 7-2, Derek Buxton 7-3
3rd Don Beck 3/5 Beat Maymes Ansell 7-4, Ros Pimlott 7-2, Derek Buxton 6-2t
4th Derek Buxton 2/5 Beat Maymes Ansell 7-5, Ros Pimlott 7-2
5th Ros Pimlott 1/5 Beat Maymes Ansell 7-6
6th Maymes Ansell 0/5

Block B

1st Richard Strover 5/5 Beat Derek Old 7-4, Margaret Williams 7-3, David Hopkins 7-2, Freda Vitty 7-5, Omar Fahmy 7-3
2nd Freda Vitty 4/5 Beat Derek Old 7-5, Margaret Williams 7-3, David Hopkins 7-5, Omar Fahmy 7-6
3rd Derek Old 3/5 Beat Margaret Williams 7-4, David Hopkins 7-5, Omar Fahmy 7-5
4th David Hopkins 2/5 Beat Margaret Williams 7-0, Omar Fahmy 7-0
5th Omar Fahmy 1/5 Beat Margaret Williams 6-5t
6th Margaret Williams 0/5

Block C

1st Samantha Curry 4/5 Beat Leo Dungan 6-5t, Paul Strover 6-4t, Eileen Buxton 7-3, Amir Ramsis 7-4
2nd Leo Dungan 4/5 Beat Pat Rogers 6-4t, Paul Strover 7-5, Eileen Buxton 7-1, Amir Ramsis 7-4
3rd Paul Strover 3/5 Beat Pat Rogers 7-6, Eileen Buxton 7-4, Amir Ramsis 7-6
4th Pat Rogers 3/5 Beat Samantha Curry 7-6, Eileen Buxton 7-4, Amir Ramsis 7-4
5th Amir Ramsis 1/5 Beat Eileen Buxton 7-0
6th Eileen Buxton 0/5

Block D

1st Salah Hassan 4.5/5 Beat John Moore 7-1; Jock Stover 6-5t; Jennet Blake 7-3, Freda Rogers 7-3; Drew against Roy Ware 6-6
2nd John Moore 4/5 Beat Jock Stover 7-4, Jennet Blake 7-2, Roy Ware 7-4, Freda Rogers 7-4
3rd Jock Stover 3/5 Beat Jennet Blake 7-1, Roy Ware 6-5t, Freda Rogers 7-1
4th Roy Ware 2.5/5 Beat Jennet Blake 7-1, Freda Rogers 7-4, Drew against Salah Hassan 6-6
5th Jennet Blake 1/5 Beat Freda Rogers 7-5
6th Freda Rogers 0/5

The top 2 players in each block qualified to play in the knockout to decide the outcome of the 2004 Championship. Those who didn't qualified to play for the consolation doubles prize.

Singles Knockout


A single best of 19 points game

Khaled Younis Beat John Moore 10-4
Samantha Curry Beat Freda Vitty 10-9
Salah Hassan Beat Alan Pidcock 10-6
Richard Strover Beat Leo Dungan 10-3


Best of 3; 13 points games

Khaled Younis Beat Samantha Curry 7-3, 7-1
Salah Hassan Beat Richard Strover 7-3, 7-4


Best of 3; 13 points games

Khaled Younis Beat Salah Hassan 7-3; 7-4

Minor Places

A single best of 13 points game

3rd Samantha Curry Beat Richard Strover 7-4
4th Richard Strover
5th Leo Dungan Beat Alan Pidcock 7-5, John Moore 7-2
6th John Moore Beat Freda Vitty 7-2
7th Freda Vitty Beat Alan Pidcock 4-3t
8th Alan Pidcock

Consolation Doubles

Players not involved in the Singles Knockout competed for the Doubles Title. Two Blocks of 4 pairs were randomly drawn. All played all in their respective blocks. Winners of the two blocks played off for the title.

Blocks matches were a single best-of-13-points game. Time limit of 45 minutes was imposed.

Block 1

1st Omar Fahmy & David Hopkins 3/3
2nd Amir Ramsis & Don Beck 2/3
3rd Eileen Buxton & Freda Rogers 1/3
4th Ros Pimlott & Derek Old 0/3

Block 2

1st Margaret Williams & Jock Strover 2/3 (On Tie Break)
2nd Derek Buxton & Roy Ware 2/3
3rd Paul Strover & Maymes Ansell 2/3
4th Jennet Blake & Pat Rogers 0/3

2004 Winners

Omar Fahmy & David Hopkins Beat Margaret Williams & Jock Strover 7-2 in the play-off.


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