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Notice of Annual General Meeting

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16th October 2004 (CA Official News)

The Annual General Meeting of The Croquet Association will be held at the Hurlingham Club on Saturday 16th October 2004 commencing at 5.00 pm.


  1. Election of President to succeed John Solomon

    Council propose Professor Bernard Neal, who has expressed his willingness to serve.

  2. Minutes of the previous meeting held on Saturday 11 October 2003. These are published in the current issue of The Croquet Gazette no. 292, (August 2004). Copies will be available at the meeting and will be sent to Home Members on written request to the Secretary.
  3. Chairman's Report.
  4. Accounts for the year to 31 December 2003 and Treasurer's Report. These accounts and a brief commentary were published in The Croquet Gazette,

    no. 291, (June 2004). Copies will be available at the meeting and a more comprehensive report will be sent to Home Members on written request to the Secretary.

  5. Election of Treasurer.

    Dr RW Bray offers himself for re-election.

  6. Election of Reporting Accountant.
  7. Election of Council Members.

    The following five members retire by rotation under Rule 18 (a)(i):

    Messrs AG Fathers, J Isaacs , DK Openshaw, Prof. A Pidcock and Dr IG Vincent.

    One further vacancy arises from the resignation of Dr JC Ruddock, and there is one further unfilled vacancy.

    All retiring members seek re-election under Rule 18(a)(i).

    One other nomination has been received as follows:

    Mr IC Parkinson proposed by AJ Oldham and seconded by WH Arliss.

    Consequently there are six candidates for the seven vacancies on Council and an election will not be necessary.

  8. Motion Of The Council

    That Rule 29, which currently reads:


    A bank account shall be maintained in the name of the Association. All cheques shall be signed by at least two persons nominated by the Council from time to time.

    be replaced by:


    The Council shall maintain in the name of the Association such bank accounts as it deems necessary. The person or persons authorised to operate these accounts, to sign cheques and make other payments in respect of them shall be as determined by the Council from time to time. These provisions shall be reviewed by the Council at least once a year including immediately following the Annual General Meeting. The persons so authorised shall keep account of all receipts and disbursements for which they are responsible.

  9. Benefactors' Book.

    The names of the Benefactors will be read.

  10. Presentation of the Apps and Steel Memorial Bowls.
  11. Presentation of Croquet Association Diplomas.
  12. Any other business.
  13. President's Closing Address.


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