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Eights: Friday

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10th September 2004 (AC - Championships)

President's Cup

Day 1

P Trimmer bt C Clarke +16
J Kirby bt R Fulford +20tp
D Maugham bt D Bulloch +26
S Mulliner bt M Avery +17

M Avery bt D Bulloch +21tp
D Maugham bt S Mulliner +11tp
R Fulford bt C Clarke +26tp
J Kirby bt P Trimmer +16tp

D Maugham bt J Kirby +17tp
M Avery bt C Clarke +26tp
P Trimmer bt S Mulliner +4tp
R Fulford bt D Bulloch +11

S Mulliner bt C Clarke +2
D Bulloch bt J Kirby +4tp
R Fulford bt D Maugham +24sxp
M Avery bt P Trimmer +26tp

Day 2

R Fulford bt M Avery +26tp
D Maugham bt P Trimmer +11
D Bulloch bt C Clarke +24tp
J Kirby bt S Mulliner +25tp

P Trimmer bt D Bulloch +26tp
R Fulford bt S Mulliner +26qp
M Avery bt J Kirby +26tp
D Maugham bt C Clarke +26tp

D Maugham bt M Avery +26tp
C Clarke bt J Kirby +9
R Fulford bt P Trimmer +26sxp
S Mulliner bt D Bulloch +13tpo

R Fulford bt J Kirby +12tpo
D Maugham bt D Bulloch +26tp
S Mulliner bt M Avery +17
P Trimmer bt C Clarke +26tp


7: Fulford, Maugham
4: Avery, Mulliner, Trimmer
3: Kirby
2: Bulloch
1: Clarke

Chairman's Salver

With 8 rounds completed:
7: Lines
6: Goacher
4: Beijerwellen, Aiton
3: Williams, Wilkins, Brown
2: Dawson

Keith completed a SXP
Rutger completed a QP

Spencer Ell

Round Seven

Magee bt Jenkins +1
Daniels bt Haslam +9
Williams bt Mundy +16
Hector bt Nick +9

Round 8

Mundy bt Daniels +10
Hector bt Jenkins +16
Nick bt Magee +2
Williams bt Haslam +8

Round 9

Hector bt Haslam +4 (in the dark at 8:05)
Williams bt Nick +4
Jenkins bt Daniels +16
Magee bt Mundy +17


Williams 6
Daniels 6
Hector 6
Jenkins 5
Mundy 4
Haslam 3
Nick 3
Magee 3

Treasurer's Tankard

Some rain in the morning before play but only the lawn cutter got wet.

Scrummy gorgeous cook (a different one) took time off from recording "I'm sorry, I haven't a clue" for BBC radio 4 to rustle up an exquisite chilli. We need more of whatever was in it because we finished well before dark for the first time.

Heap and Weston knocked off their perches and a very good day for Paul Smith. Another nice, rough Heap game for the evening crowd; Cliff Jones won by 3 after Heap did the " all the balls at rover" leave at the end of his TPF.

The dog was back. Cliff is cooking dinner tomorrow night.

Round 7

Smith bt Davies +5
Weston bt Bradforth +25
Castell bt Jones +14
Heap bt Harris +12TP

Round 8

Castell bt Weston +5
Smith bt Harris +3
Heap bt Davies +14
Jones bt Bradforth +2

Round 9

Bradforth bt Harris +25
Jones bt Heap +3
Smith bt Weston +19
Castell bt Davies +5


6 wins Heap, Smith and Weston
4 wins Bradforth, Castell and Harris
3 wins Davies and Jones


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