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12th September 2004 (AC - Championships)

David Maugham won the President's, Ian Lines the Chairman's, Duncan Hector the Spencer Ell, Paul Smith the Treasurer's Tankard and Gerard Healy the Selectors'


13 Maugham
11 Fulford
8 Kirby
7 Trimmer
6 Avery
5 Mulliner
3 Bulloch, Clarke

Sextuples for both Dave and Rob in final round.

D Maugham bt S Mulliner +6
J Kirby bt P Trimmer +3tp
M Avery bt D Bulloch +25tp
C Clarke bt R Fulford +20

J Kirby bt C Clarke +20
R Fulford bt P Trimmer +20sxp
D Bulloch bt S Mulliner +2tp
D Maugham bt M Avery +21sxp


12 Lines
9 Goacher
7 Beijderwellen
6 Aiton, Brown, Wilkins
5 Dawson, Williams

Spencer Ell

9 Hector, Williams
8 Mundy
7 Daniels, Jenkins
6 Magee, Nick
4 Haslam

Round 12

Magee bt Williams +3
Jenkins bt Haslam +9T (22-13)
Nick bt Mundy +12
Hector bt Daniels +9

Round 13

Williams bt Daniels +16
Nick bt Jenkins +2
Hector bt Magee +3t
Mundy bt Haslam +17

Round 14

Haslam beat Daniels +12
Mundy beat Williams +2
Hector beat Nick +13
Jenkins beat Magee +1T (15-14)

Play Off

Hector beat Williams +9

Treasurer's Tankard

Smith won the Smith and Weston play-off (or should that be shoot-out?).
Paul Smith won the play-off against Tom Weston. Straight forward balls round to peg and four back by both players. Tom pegged out Paul's peg ball and then ran penultimate with the wrong ball. Paul chose that moment to hit in so we could all go home (apart from those who stayed for the end of Heap v Harris). It was very impressive that all the players stayed on to watch the play-off, although most of them had long journeys. Nigel was on hand to present the pot to a chap who is likely to make use of it.

The day began well with the early completion of the pegged down games and the 13th round was finished well before lunch time. Then the rot set in. Scrumptious cook of the day (another one) laid on a menu written in greek, spanish, portuguese and arabic. The chaps rose from the table with difficulty and reluctance. In the afternoon, Weston had to lose and Smith had to win to create the play-off and delay the trip home. That is what happened.

The dog turned up but had a nasty encounter with the club dragon, Caradoc.

For those who asked, Cliff's dinner was brill. No rain at all during the (long) playing hours.

Round 12

Weston bt Harris +14
Smith bt Bradforth +9

Round 13

Smith bt Heap +24
Davies bt Harris +4
Weston bt Jones +19
Bradforth bt Castell +19 TP

Round 14

Bradforth bt Weston +12
Jones bt Castell +11
Harris bt Heap +3
Smith bt Davies +11

10 wins Smith and Weston
8 wins Heap
7 Bradforth
6 Harris
5 Castell, Davies and Jones
Smith bt Weston +4

Thanks to George Noble for the reports



Gerard Healy beat Nelson Morrow +14
Graham Gale Beat Dave Trimmer +4


Gerard Healy beat Graham Gale +24

Runners Up

Nelson Morrow beat Dave Trimmer +19


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