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Analysis of lift shots hit in the President's Cup

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14th September 2004 (Other News)

This is my usual analysis. For those who haven't seen it before, it counts only lift shots of 13 yards and over. This should ensure two factors:

1. Length
2. Shooter has been sat out and is fairly cold

This year I also counted tea ladies which are shown in brackets after.

Individual Shooting

Although the standard of play was poor, the same cannot be said of the standard of shooting (at least for a few players). I cannot remember anyone ever achieving over 50% before.

Kirby 6/8 (1/1)
Maugham 2/3 (1/5)
Trimmer 4/6 (0/2)
Mulliner 3/9 (0/1)
Bulloch 3/9 (0/3)
Fulford 1/6 (0/0)
Avery 1/6 (0/4)
Clarke 1/10 (0/0)

Luckiest Player

Lift shots hit by opponent

Fulford 0/3 (2/9)
Mulliner 1/5 (0/6)
Avery 2/7 (0/0)
Clarke 2/6 (0/0)
Trimmer 3/7 (0/1)
Kirby 4/10 (0/0)
Maugham 6/13 (0/1)
Bulloch 3/6 (0/0)

Obviously, as with all stats, the above is fairly meaningless, but hopefully vaguely interesting.


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