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Carrickmines Club Championship

[<<] [>>] by Mark McInerney
8th October 2000 (International)


Ed Cunningham bt Mark McInerney +16, -13OTP, +16.

Game 1: Ed failed a combination peg-out by half an inch after completing all peels of a sextuple with Mark on 1 & 1. Mark played a 3-ball break but was hampered after 4-back and missed. Ed finished.

Game 2: Mark went to 4-back on the 3rd turn. Ed completed a 4th turn TPO, pegging off two balls. Mark approached hoop 1 from corner 4 and finished with a twelve hoop two ball break!

Game 3: Mark broke down on the 2nd turn at hoop 4. Ed went to 4-back on the 3rd turn. Mark hit and failed penult after 3 peels completed of a TPO. Ed finished on turn 5 to retain the Chattooga Cup (presented to Carrickmines in 1996 by Simon Williams, winner of the Chattooga Challenge that year )

Full Results

Fred Rogerson bt Joe Cunningham +26
Ronan Rogerson bt Mark McInerney +14
Patsy Fitzgerald bt Simon Williams +26TP
Carl von Schmeider bt Joe Cunningham +22
Evan Newell bt Ed Cunningham +4
Patsy bt Ronan +23
Mark bt Simon +8TP
Ed bt Joe +25TP
Mark bt Evan +26TP
Simon bt Carl +17TP
Ronan bt Joe +15
Mark bt Carl +10
Ed bt Patsy +15TP
Fred bt Evan +17TP
Ed bt Simon +17TP
Mark bt Patsy +26
Ronan bt Carl +19TP
Evan bt Joe +5
Fred bt Patsy + 4
Simon bt Ronan +11TP
Joe bt Ray Flood +3
Mark bt Ed +13TPO

Mark - 5 wins
Ed - 3 wins
Fred - 3 wins
Ronan - 3 wins


Ed Cunningham bt Fred Rogerson +5TP, -4, +17
Mark McInerney bt Ronan Rogerson +26TP, +26TP


Ed Cunningham bt Mark McInerney +16, -13OTP, +16


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