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Nick Harris won the Solomon Cup

[<<] [>>] by Nick Harris at Southwick
27th September 2004 (AC)

After the stirring tales of comestibles at Surbiton I am pleased to report that Southwick provided an equally good array over the weekend. Pork fillets and fruit sauce plus all the trimmings with Bread and Butter pudding to follow, on the Saturday, and Turkey Breast with a nectarine sauce, roast tomatoes, mushrooms and crispy potatoes with either Pavlova or apple cake and custard. Thanks to Barbara Kitching and Rose Jenner

The much recovered lawns saw a wide range of handicaps, -1 to 11 in play contesting the Solomon Cup. We were all pleased to see the hardworking Southwick Secretary Myra Gosney playing having responded to Simon (the Manager) Tuke's entreaty to fill a sudden gap. Her reward - duffing up the manager in round 1.

The main seeds proceeded through to the semi finals on Sunday morning where Dave Mundy's valiant effort to come back from peg and box ended when he accidentally left himself cross-wired on his own ball in an effort to avoid giving Chris Daniels a lift. Rutger's failed straight rover peel allowed your reporter to eventually creep in +2, the last game to finish from the morning's schedule. Undaunted the Manager proposed a best of three final!

In the first game an uncharacteristic stick in 4-back, by Chris, after completing 2 peels of a TPO gifted the game to his opponent +18. In the second game Chris failed to hit in on several occasions and your reporter was able to finish +26. As Jack Davies had by now returned from an outlying lawn as the victor in the Egyptian after a 3-way affair with Mark Gooding and Dave Mundy, all of whom had 4 wins from 5 the presentation could be made by Pat Shine before nightfall!

Many triples were attempted but only two were completed, including Rutger finishing his final game with a quintuple peel, culminating in a straight triple. He did an excellent croquet-shot promotion on peelee after 4-back, and after the penult peel the peelee almost stuck on the peg, but eventually just finished 3 inches to the side. The finish was trivial, including a long peel, promotion of the jawsed ball through, and another promotion on peelee after rover to open up a rush line to the peg!


David Mundy beat Bill Arliss +22
Stephen Battison beat Gene Mears +20
Myra Gosney beat Simon Tuke +17
Mark Gooding beat Jack Davies +5
Tom Weston beat Nigel Gale +10
Alan Cottle beat Anne Stephens +13
Bob Stephens beat John Seddon +17
Rutger Beijderwellen beat James Tuttiet +9

Chris Daniels beat Alan Mayne +26
Gerard Healy beat Richard Dickson +3
Mundy beat Battison +24
Weston beat Cottle +23
Gooding beat Myra Gosney +14
Beijderwellen beat Bob Stephens +22
Paul Castell beat Jonathan Isaacs +20
Nick Harris beat Peter Gosney +17

Daniels beat Healy +13
Beijderwellen beat Weston +17
Mundy beat Gooding +13
Harris beat Castell +8

Daniels beat Mundy +12
Harris beat Beijderwellen +2

Harris beat Daniels +15 +26

Egyptian Consolation

Arliss beat Mayne +12
Daniels beat Castell +12
Gale beat Gosney +12
Dickson beat Tuttiet +8
Tuke beat Mears +14
Seddon beat Anne Stephens +17
Davies beat Battison +18
Mayne beat Peter Gosney +8
Gale beat Bob Stephens +13
Cottle beat Arliss +16
Myra Gosney beat Battison +15
Davies beat Seddon +7
Gale beat Dickson +18TP
Castell beat Mears +9
Davies beat Gale +13
Gooding beat Weston +8
Cottle beat Myra Gosney +15
Castell beat Tuke +12
Dickson beat Bob Stephens +3
Arliss beat Seddon +24
Battison beat Mayne +15
Mears beat Tuttiett +8
Peter Gosney beat Anne Stephens +6
Weston beat Arliss +26TP
Mundy beat Cottle +3
Dickson beat Myra Gosney +15
Bob Stephens beat Battison +12
Seddon beat Mayne +19
Gale beat Castell +19
Tuttiett beat Anne Stephens +22
Mears beat Peter Gosney +10
Gooding beat Beijderwellen +13
Davies beat Tuke +23
Castell beat Arliss +4
Tuttiett beat Tuke +17
Mayne beat Anne Stephens +17
Cottle beat Battison +14
Beijderwellen beat Gale +7qnp

Handicap Changes

Mark Gooding 1.5 to 1
Myra Gosney 5 to 4.5
Alan Cottle 4.5 to 4


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