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Blewbury beat Surbiton to win the Longman Cup 6-1

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4th October 2004 (AC - Longman Cup)


Surbiton beat Nottingham 5-2

Mike Burrow & Martin Burger lost to David Bryon & Martin Beacon -22
Mary Knapp beat Julian Sweed +9
Matt Winn-Smith lost to Michael Finnigan -26

Mary Knapp beat David Bryon +11
Matt Winn-Smith beat Julian Sweed +9
Mike Burrow beat Michael Finnigan +12
Martin Burger beat Martin Beacon +11

Blewberry beat Colchester 4-3

Jolyon Kay & Stuart Parks lost to David Haslam & Vi Lester -6t
Nick Butler beat Margaret Selmes +15
John Spiers lost to Dick Strover -17

Nick Butler beat David Haslam +22
John Spiers beat Margaret Selmes +15
Jolyon Kay beat Vi Lester +17
Stuart Parks lost to Dick Strover -6


Blewberry beat Surbiton 6-1

Jolyon Kay & Stuart Parks lost to Mike Burrow & Martin Burger -3t
John Spiers beat Mary Knapp +26
Nick Butler beat Matt Winn Smith +12

Nick Butler beat Mary Knapp +13
Jolyon Kay beat Martin Burger +14
John Spiers beat Matt Winn Smith +17
Stuart Parks beat Mike Burrow +11

3rd/4th Place

Colchester beat Nottingham 4-3

Margaret Selmes & Vi Lester beat Martin Beacon & Richard Huxley +3t
Dick Strover beat Julian Sweed +25
George Woolhouse lost to Michael Finnigan -17

George Woolhouse lost to Richard Huxley -13
Vi Lester lost to Martin Beacon -3t
Dick Strover beat Michael Finnigan +8
Margaret Selmes beat Julian Sweed +1t


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