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How many croquet players are there?

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2nd January 2005 (Other News)

While researching worldwide numbers for our application to the Commonwealth games in 2001, the association secretaries in the various countries gave me: England 120 clubs and 3500 members; Wales 3 & 76; Scotland 9 & 130; Jersey 1 & 50; Australia 277 & 6641; NZ 136 & 4000; SA 14 & 200; Canada 11 & 300. TOTAL 571 clubs and 15,097 members.

You could add in all those countries like Belgium, Spain, etc. quite easily. What do you do about USA? They play a funny version. And if it comes to that so do China and Japan.

In some countries there are clubs that are not affiliated to their national associations, but I don't think this has a great effect.

So, a reasonable estimate today would be about 16,000 regular players of association and/or golf croquet.

What proportion play in tournaments? I don't know. And what is a 'tournament'? Do you include internet club events?


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