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Trevor Bassett set to make TP history in the NZ Open Championship

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12th January 2005 (Other News)

Yesterday's results puts Trevor on 11 TPs in a row. A quick look at the ranking results has found the following.

  • In 1999 Robert won 15 games in a row with peeling breaks (2sxp, 1tpo, 12tps)
  • Reg had a 13 game run in 2001-2002 (6sxp, 2qnp, 4qp and 1tp)
  • Robert had a 12 game run in 1995 (4sxp, 3tpo, 5tp)

I cannot find a longer runs for Trevor or Bob Jackson, even though they both do a lot of TPs and have very high win percentages. Bob may have had some long runs in the past, but many NZ games were not reported in those days and for many that were, I don't have the TP info.

I seem to recall DBM telling me about a very long run he had a few years ago, but I think it was a run of games with TPs performed by him and his opponents and hence included defeats to a TP.

Duncan Hector added: I believe that Rob had a record 19th consecutive Championship TP at the British Open in 1992. I was there and filmed it for posterity. I haven't looked at the film since then, and it is probably fairly "old tech" now, but I will add it to the Reg Bamford Sextuple from last year's Men's which is still in the post-production stage.

Dave Maugham confirmed this "He [Rob] had a run of 19 in 1992, spanning the Easterns Plate, the Solomon Trophy and ending in the third game of the final of the Opens. It included two OTPs, a QP and an SXP (by deduction and from memory). I managed a run of 27 games which finished with a TP in 2000 starting in the Northerns, including all of the Pres and finishing in the Southerns. But for a failed quad by Farthing at the start and an inexplicable inability to play an Irish peel by Tudor at the end, it would have been 39.


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