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Ian Lines won the 6th Lancashire International Open Golf Croquet Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Chris Sheen at Heaton Park
April 16 & 17 2005 (GC)

The Lancashire Open Golf Croquet Championship was held over a cold, grey but predominately dry weekend at Heaton Park. The lawns were a little soggy but very true and played well. Play was in two large blocks affording everyone a chance to try their hand against a variety of standards and styles.

The best of 5 games semi-finals featured a fast improving Tim King, a multitalented Chris Daniels, John Moore who is beginning to recover his form and the renowned association player Ian Lines.

It was Tim and Ian who won through to the final giving it added interest in that it featured a pure golf player against a relative golf croquet novice. At this stage it began to rain and over another gruelling best of five it went to the wire with Ian's relentless accuracy just prevailing. Much credit must go to Tim for making a game of it.

Ian discovering that stamina is another facet of the golf croquet game something that is not often appreciated. The onlookers proved what a good spectator sport golf croquet can be.

Abdul Ahmad managed a most successful tournament, ably support by some long suffering (and almost hypothermic) scorers who added to the occasion, establishing the tournament as a top event.


Singles winner: Ian Lines (Bowdon Croquet Club)
Runner-up: Tim King (Ashby Croquet Club)
Doubles winners: Par Badhan (Tyneside CC) and David Barrett (Bury CC)
Runner-ups: Julie Hudson (Parkstone CC) and David Turner (Tyneside CC)

Qualifying Matches (2 Blocks of 8. All play All.
Single 13 points games. Top 4 entering a knockout for places 1 to 8 and Bottom 4 to determine places 9 to 16).

Block A

Roy Ware beat Leo Dungan 7/3
Jenny Williams beat Geoff Young 7/5
Tim King beat Ros Pimlott 7/4
Chris Sheen beat David Turner 7/3
Chris Sheen beat Ros Pimlott 7/2
Tim King beat David Turner 7/3
Jenny Williams beat Leo Dungan 7/4
Roy Ware beat Geoff Young 7/6
Tim King beat Geoff Young 7/5
Chris Sheen beat Leo Dungan 7/6
Roy Ware beat David Turner 7/3
Jenny Williams beat Ros Pimlott 7/3
David Turner beat Leo Dungan 7/4
Ros Pimlott beat Geoff Young 7/5
Tim King beat Jenny Williams 7/4
Roy Ware beat Chris Sheen 7/5
Jenny Williams beat Chris Sheen 7/2
Tim King beat Roy Ware 7/4
Leo Dungan beat Ros Pimlott 7/2
David Turner beat Geoff Young 7/3
Roy Ware beat Ros Pimlott 7/5
Jenny Williams beat David Turner 7/5
Chris Sheen beat Geoff Young 7/3
Tim King beat Leo Dungan 7/3
Tim King beat Chris Sheen 7/5
Leo Dungan beat Geoff Young 7/5
Jenny Williams beat Roy Ware 7/5
David Turner beat Ros Pimlott 7/2

Block B

Chris Daniels beat Maymes Ansell 7/3
David Barrett beat Derek Buxton 7/3
Ian Lines beat Julie Hudson 7/2
Par Badhan beat John Moore 7/5
John Moore beat Derek Buxton 7/4
Julie Hudson beat Par Badhan 7/5
Chris Daniels beat David Barrett 7/2
Ian Lines beat Maymes Ansell 7/1
Chris Daniels beat Julie Hudson 7/4
Derek Buxton beat Maymes Ansell 7/6
Ian Lines beat John Moore 7/5
David Barrett beat Par Badhan 7/6
David Barrett beat Maymes Ansell 7/5
Chris Daniels beat Ian Lines 7/6
Par Badhan beat Derek Buxton 7/5
John Moore beat Julie Hudson 7/4
Ian Lines beat Par Badhan 7/1
John Moore beat David Barrett 7/6
Julie Hudson beat Maymes Ansell 7/3
Chris Daniels beat Derek Buxton 7/4
David Barrett beat Julie Hudson 7/6
Ian Lines beat Derek Buxton 7/1
Par Badhan beat Chris Daniels 7/4
John Moore beat Maymes Ansell 7/2
John Moore beat Chris Daniels 7/5
Par Badhan beat Maymes Ansell 7/4
Julie Hudson beat Derek Buxton 7/6
Ian Lines beat David Barrett 7/6


Results for Places 1 to 4

Quarter-Finals (Best of 3; 13 Points Games)

Tim King beat David Barrett 5/7, 7/6, 7/6
John Moore beat Roy Ware 7/4, 7/5
Chris Daniels beat Jenny Williams 7/4, 4/7, 7/6
Ian Lines beat Chris Sheen 7/6, 7/4

Semi-Finals (Best of 5; 13 Points Games)

Tim King beat John Moore 7/5, 7/5, 5/7, 7/6
Ian Lines beat Chris Daniels 7/5, 6/7 7/6, 3/7, 7/6

Final (Best of 5; 13 Points Games)

Ian Lines beat Tim King 7/6, 2/7, 4/7, 7/5, 7/4

3rd & 4th Places Play-off (Best of 5; 13 points games)
Chris Daniels beat John Moore 6/7, 7/2, 7/4, 7/5

5th & 6th Places Play-off (Single 13 points game):

Chris Sheen beat Jenny Williams 7/4
David Barrett beat Roy Ware 7/3
Chris Sheen beat David Barrett w/o

7th & 8th Places Play-off (Single 13 points game):

Roy Ware beat Jenny Williams 7/6

KNOCKOUT Results for Places 9 to 12

Quarter-Finals (Single 13 points games):

David Turner beat Maymes Ansell 7/4
Julie Hudson beat Ros Pimlott 7/6
Derek Buxton beat Leo Dungan 7/5
Par Badhan beat Geoff Young 7/3

Semi-Finals (Single 13 points games):

David Turner beat Julie Hudson 7/5
Par Badhan beat Derek Buxton 7/2

Final (Single 13 points game):

Par Badhan beat David Turner 7/5

11th & 12th Places Play-off (Single 13 points game):

Derek Buxton beat Julie Hudson 7/6

13th & 14th Places Play-off (Single 13 points games):

Maymes Ansell beat Ros Pimlott 7/2
Leo Dungan beat Geoff Young 7/6
Maymes Ansell beat Leo Dungan 7/6

15th & 16th Places Play-off (Single 13 points game):

Geoff Young beat Ros Pimlott 7/5


Single Block of 6 randomly drawn pairs comprising of
players who didn't compete for the Top 4 singles
places. All play All.

Winners 2005: Par Badhan and David Barrett (4/5)
Runners-up: Julie Hudson and David Turner (3/5)
Others: Ros Pimlott and Jenny Williams (2/5)
Derek Buxton and Geoff Young (2/5)
Leo Dungan and Roy Ware (2/5)
Maymes Ansell and Chris Sheen (2/5)


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