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10th May 2005 (Other News)

At a weekend croquet tournament a casual conversation revealed that a quarter of the 16 players were also club-standard backgammon players. Furthermore, we immediately identified a further half dozen of a similar standard and speculated that there might well be a sufficient total number to justify an off-season backgammon tournament.

Who else out there is interested? For a tournament I think familiarity with the rules, basic tactics and use of the doubling cube should be essentials. There would be a small entry fee and a modest prize (i.e. no hustlers required!). A Swiss format would quickly sort out the good from the not so good, and would soon have people competing with their own standard.

If you like the idea and wish to be included in any further communication on the subject please contact Kevin Carter by email;

What would your preference be? A one-day tournament or a two-day event? Just backgammon, or combine it with a bit of croquet? If just backgammon should we also open it to guests, or just keep it to the croquet community?


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