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Abir Moustafa won the Women's Open Golf Croquet Championship

[<<] [>>] by Abdul Ahmed at Ripon Spa Hotel
27th to 29th May 2005 (GC)

The Championship ended in an all Egyptian final. Abir Moustafa prevailed in a closely contested match against Nahed Hassan. A large audience was treated to brilliant display of uninhibited croquet.

Preliminary Block matches all play all in their respective groups in a single 19 points game.

Block 1

Jane Pringle beat Valerie Rigg 10/3
Valerie Harding beat Eileen Buxton 10/5
Freda Rogers beat Linda Keable 10/3
Nahed Hassan (Egy) beat Megs Rogers 10/0
Linda Keable beat Valerie Harding 10/6
Jane Pringle beat Eileen Buxton 10/5
Nahed Hassan (Egy) beat Valerie Rigg 10/2
Freda Rogers beat Megs Rogers 10/3
Jane Pringle beat Valerie Harding 7/4t
Valerie Rigg beat Eileen Buxton 9/4t
Linda Keable beat Megs Rogers 8/7t
Nahed Hassan (Egy) beat Freda Rogers 10/2
Jane Pringle beat Megs Rogers 10/8
Valerie Harding beat Valerie Rigg 10/3
Freda Rogers beat Eileen Buxton 10/7
Nahed Hassan (Egy) beat Linda Keable 10/2
Valerie Harding beat Megs Rogers 9/7t
Valerie Rigg beat Freda Rogers 10/9
Eileen Buxton beat Linda Keable 8/7t
Nahed Hassan (Egy) beat Jane Pringle 8/6t
Valerie Harding beat Freda Rogers 10/4
Linda Keable beat Valerie Rigg 10/7
Megs Rogers beat Eileen Buxton 9/7t
Nahed Hassan (Egy) beat Valerie Harding 10/0
Jane Pringle beat Freda Rogers 10/5
Nahed Hassan (Egy) beat Eileen Buxton 10/3
Valerie Rigg beat Megs Rogers 9/8t
Jane Pringle beat Linda Keable 10/5

Final Positions: 1st Nahed Hassan (Egy) 7/7, 2nd Jane Pringle 6/7, 3rd Freda Rogers 4/7, 4th Linda Keable 3/7, 5th Valerie Harding 3/7, 6th Valerie Rigg 2/7, 7th Megs Rogers1/7, 8th Eileen Buxton 1/7

Block 2

Ros Pimlott beat Jessie Morton 9/3t
Judith Hand beat Patricia Duke-Cox 8/6t
Rosemary Longbottom Freda Vitty 10/8
Manal Ali Moshen (Egy) beat Evelyn Martin 10/3
Rosemary Longbottom beat Judith Hand 10/8
Patricia Duke-Cox beat Ros Pimlott 10/4
Manal Ali Moshen (Egy) beat Jessie Morton 10/1
Evelyn Martin beat Freda Vitty 10/9
Judith Hand beat Ros Pimlott 9/8t
Patricia Duke-Cox beat Jessie Morton 10/3
Rosemary Longbottom beat Evelyn Martin 10/4
Manal Ali Moshen (Egy) beat Freda Vitty 10/6
Ros Pimlott beat Evelyn Martin 9/6t
Judith Hand beat Jessie Morton 10/7
Freda Vitty beat Patricia Duke-Cox 10/3
Manal Ali Moshen(Egy) beat Rosemary Longbottom 10/2
Evelyn Martin beat Judith Hand 10/6
Freda Vitty beat Jessie Morton 10/2
Patricia Duke-Cox beat Rosemary Longbottom 9/5t
Manal Ali Moshen(Egy) beat Ros Pimlott 10/1
Freda Vitty beat Judith Hand 10/6
Rosemary Longbottom beat Jessie Morton 10/5
Patricia Duke-Cox beat Evelyn Martin 10/7
Manal Ali Moshen (Egy) beat Judith Hand 10/2
Freda Vitty beat Ros Pimlott 10/9
Manal Ali Moshen (Egy) beat Patricia Duke-Cox 10/3
Evelyn Martin beat Jessie Morton 10/7
Ros Pimlott beat Rosemary Longbottom 8/4t

Final Positions: 1st Manal Ali Moshen (Egy) 7/7, 2nd Rosemary Longbottom 4/7, 3rd Freda Vitty 4/7, 4th Patricia Duke-Cox 4/7, 5th Evelyn Martin 3/7, 6th Judith Hand 3/7, 7th Ros Pimlott 3/7, 8th Jessie Morton 0/7

Block 3

Jacqui Old beat Cynthia Street 10/8
Samantha Curry beat June Brown 10/2
Abir Moustafa (Egy) beat Margaret Williams 10/7
Jennet Blake beat Cynthia Street 10/5
Jacqui Old beat June Brown 10/7
Samantha Curry beat Margaret Williams 10/4
Abir Moustafa (Egy) beat Jennet Blake 10/1
June Brown beat Cynthia Street 10/9
Samantha Curry beat Jacqui Old 5/4t
Jennet Blake beat Margaret Williams 10/7
Abir Moustafa (Egy) beat June Brown 10/5
Samantha Curry beat Cynthia Street 10/3
June Brown beat Margaret Williams 10/4
Jennet Blake beat Jacqui Old 8/7et
Abir Moustafa (Egy) beat Samantha Curry 10/3
Cynthia Street beat Margaret Williams 10/7
Abir Moustafa (Egy) beat Jacqui Old 10/0
Jennet Blake beat Samantha Curry 6/4
Abir Moustafa (Egy) beat Cynthia Street 10/4
Jacqui Old beat Margaret Williams 7/4t
Jennet Blake beat June Brown 8/6t

Final Positions: 1st Abir Moustafa (Egy)6/6, 2nd Jennet Blake 5/6, 3rd Samantha Curry 4/6, 4th Jacqui Old 3/6, 5th June Brown 2/6, 6th Cynthia Street 1/6, 7th Margaret Williams 0/6


Top player in each block together with best placed second placed competitor qualified for the play off for the Championship. All Matches were best of 3, 13 points games.


Nahed Hassan (Egy) beat Manal Ali Moshen (Egy) 7/3, 3/7, 7/3
Abir Moustafa (Egy) beat Jane Pringle 7/4, 7/5


Abir Moustafa (Egy) beat Nahed Hassan (Egy) 7/5, 7/6


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