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World Championship Qualifiers - and the winners are

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pictureNick Parish waits for the processions (Picture: Dave Mundy)

by Dave Kibble
5th June 2005 (World Championship)

The winners of the 4 remaining English places in the World Championship are Marcus Evans (6 wins), Tim Wilkins (5 wins), Jerry Guest (4 wins) and Ben Ashwell (4 wins).

The hard-fought slog-out at Wrest park wasn't much fun - everyone had problems with the slow lawns. Getting a break was a challenge, and once established it was difficult to break down (although I managed to miss a 9" rush out of hoop 3 to corner 1 - I thought I could afford to hit it as hard as I could, sadly without contacting partner ball. As an Illustration of the speed, I went off only by 7 yards!).

The event was played as a 6 round Swiss, with players kept on tenterhooks until tea time hoping to avoid the multi-way tie. Tim beating Don gave Tim a place, Don wining would have had 4 people in a play-off.

Marcus was undefeated, he coped extremely well with conditions and played to his strengths. Against Tim, he TPO'd and pegged out both balls leaving 1 vs. 1, correctly relying on his superior hooping and shooting (strong Golf Croquet assets.)

Ailsa Lines was looking to be a strong contender until she failed rover after being pegged out by Tim - she had hit some excellent shots and had played well to inhibit Tim's progress.

Chris Patmore demonstrated consistent excellent shooting in several pegged-out games, but finished with the pack on 3 wins. I was told that in one game he ran 4-back hampered so hit the ball in corner 1!

A pair of grazing swans with one offspring interrupted play momentarily as they ambled across the lawn.


Format: Six round pure Swiss

Time Limit: 3 1/4 hours

Tie breaks, in order:
(a) Games won
(b) No. of wins of opponents
(c) Net points
(d) Gross points
(e) Peg shoot out (5 + sudden death)


Marcus Evans 6/6
Tim Wilkins 5/6
Jerry Gueat 4/6
Ben Ashwell 4/6

Unsuccessful candidates:

Duncan Hector 3/6 (Opponents' wins: 24)
Don Gaunt 3/6 (23)
Ailsa Lines 3/6 (20)
Roger Jenkins 3/6 (19)
Chris Patmore 3/6 (18)
David H'son-Wood 3/6 (18)
Samir Patel 3/6 (16)
Dave Kibble 3/6 (15)
Dave Mundy 2/6 (15)
Nick Parish 2/6 (13)
Louise Bradforth 0/6

Round 1

Marcus Evans beat Ian Vincent +25tp
Dave Kibble beat Louise Bradforth +16
Duncan Hector beat Chris Patmore +4
Don Gaunt beat Dave Mundy +22
Roger Jenkins beat David Harrison-Wood +11
Ailsa Lines beat Nick Parish +5
Jerry Guest beat Ben Ashwell +21
Tim Wilkins beat Samir Patel +7

Round 2

Evans beat Kibble +15tp
Hector beat Gaunt +17
Lines beat Jenkins +17
Wilkins beat Guest +14
Vincent beat Bradforth +10
Harrison-Wood beat Mundy +9tp
Patmore beat Parish +2
Patel beat Ashwell +26

Round 3

Evans beat Hector +6qnp
Wilkins beat Lines +2
Gaunt beat Kibble +18
Guest beat Jenkins +21
Harrison-Wood beat Vincent +25tp
Patmore beat Patel +3otp
Mundy beat Bradforth +26
Ashwell beat Parish +6

Round 4

Evans beat Wilkins +1tpo
Hector beat Lines +23tp
Gaunt beat Guest +10
Harrison-Wood beat Patmore +24tp
Jenkins beat Kibble +23
Patel beat Vincent +6tpo
Ashwell beat Mundy +26tp
Parish beat Bradforth +13

Round 5

Evans beat Gaunt +3
Wilkins beat Hector +6
Lines beat Harrison-Wood +12
Guest beat Patmore +12
Jenkins beat Patel +17
Kibble beat Vincent +17
Mundy beat Parish +19
Ashwell beat Bradforth +24

Round 6

Evans beat Harrison-Wood +17
Wilkins beat Gaunt +10
Guest beat Hector +17
Ashwell beat Lines +24tp
Patmore beat Jenkins +20
Kibble beat Mundy +17tp
Parish beat Vincent +9
Patel beat Bradforth +25


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