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Norwich beat Parsons Green 4-3

[<<] [>>] by Terrey Sparks at Parsons Green
11 Jun 2005 (AC - Mary Rose)

F.Reynolds & G.Higgins Lost to M.Percival & P.Allnutt -4
R.Bretherton beat F.Smith +2
E.Chang lost to T.Sparks -16

F. Reynolds Lost to M. Percival -10
G.Higgins lost to P.Allnutt -3
E.Chang beat F.Smith +15
R.Bretherton beat T.Sparks +3tp

Norwich made their first visit to Chelsea to take on Parsons Green, the first time that the clubs have met in competition. On a bright and hot sunny day, Norwich immediately made themselves at home by taking command of the play. At one time, it looked that the visitors were heading for a 3-game lead at the halfway stage. However, due to a late rally by Russell Bretherton using his two balls after a single ball peg out by Fergal Smith, overcame his opponent so that at the halfway stage Norwich held a 2-1 lead.

After a first class lunch provided by the home club things started to go wrong for the visiting side. Eugene Chang seemed to come out of his morning stupor and quickly disposed of his opponent Fergal Smith by +15. Terrey Sparks on the other hand after an impressive start quickly reached the final hoops leaving Russell Bretherton stranded on hoop 1 with both his balls. Like his colleague Russell seemed to come awake first reaching 4-back. and then following up with his first triple peel finish to win +3. The match swinging to the home clubs favour by 3 - 2.

On the other lawn Mike Percival quickly improved the position for the visitors by an impressive +10 win over Freddy Reynolds. In the final game between Gabrielle Higgins and Peter Allnutt things became rather nervous and tense. Gabrielle held a 5 hoop lead as she made her last approach for the final hoops but, things did not go right and Peter who had been struggling to find his form seemed to settle down in the final stages and in an exciting finish managed to clinch the game +3.

Leaving a very happy Norwich side with their long journey back to the wilds of East Anglia.


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