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Robert Fulford won the Resort Invitational

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June 8-12 2005 (International)

Final Results and Net Points

Fulford 12 wins +118
Maugham 11 wins +132
Bamford 11 wins +48
M McInerney 8 wins -41
R McInerney 8 wins -34
Kirby 7 wins -1
Bassett 7 wins -72
Bidencope 6 wins -50
Garrison 6 wins -100

Finals: Best of Three

1st And 2nd Places

Fulford bt Maugham +24tp, +15sxp

3rd And 4th Places

Bamford bt M McInerney +26octp, 15octp

The 9th annual Resort Invitational was the closest event yet. The range of block play wins ranged from 6 to 11. The nine player demographics: average age 32, average age when starting the game 13 years, and average years of experience 18 years.

Some extraordinary play took place in this event. Reg Bamford's final four games on the last day set a four game peeling world record: 2 sextuples followed by 2 octuples. These were the first octuple wins in the USA in tournament play. David Maugham had a run of 6 consecutive TP wins in 6, 5, 5, 5, 6 & 6 turns. According to all present this has never been done in tournament play. Out of the 76 games 64 were peel games: 59 tp, 9 sxp, 3 qp, 2 otp, 2 octp, & 1 tpo. Play was quick, rounds completed early leaving time for a few rounds of golf for many players, especially Bamford who arrived with his new set of golf clubs.

At the welcoming Tuesday reception for the players and friends with the Resort owners, Ed and Jancie Hopper, we were, as usual, faced with a groaning table of delightful PNW gourmet dishes, treats, local wines, micro-brews, other drinks and desserts. We spent a relaxed evening with Ed and Janice talking about this event and what it means to the participating players and possible plans for the 10th annual invitational in 2006.

On Wednesday evening on the annual bus ride to Timberline Lodge at 6000+ feet at the base of the 11,000+ foot Mt. Hood, looking up at the Palmer Glacier near the top, we were treated clear spectacular views to the south overlooking the Cascade Mountain range with Mt. Jefferson and the North, Middle and South Sister mountains in sight. We then went to a local brew pub at Government Camp below Timberline for some amazing homemade pizzas and micro-brews.

On Thursday evening the Resort hosted the annual outdoor BBQ overlooking the golf courses in shirt sleeve weather. The views to the south are fantastic. We then had some golf pitching contests from the high spot to the green below and managed to later engage a group of snow boarders partying in front of the adjoining outdoor cafe. We compared our sports and again found another sport less obscure than ours.

On Friday evening after The Resort pizza feast most of us retired to the Tartan Bar for some late night fun with lots of Resort guests, a small blues band and I don't know who else since some of us retired early!

Saturday night we gathered together for the more formal, in dress that is, Player's Dinner with Ed & Janice Hopper, Scott Cruickshank, Connie Peters and some invited guests including Leo Nikora and his wife Beverly who bought a summer home here to avoid the hot weather in Maui. At the dinner, as tradition requires, each person stood and told us something about themselves and at times were on the receiving end of some roasting. We also present Ed and Janice a USCA reward recognizing The Resort's efforts on behalf of the International games in 2004.

We had a very large crowd watching the Sunday narrated finals under sunny skies and warm weather. Bassett, R McInerney and Garrison provided colourful comments during play including some very clear explanations of what Reg was doing completing his octuple peels! Amazingly enough many began to understand his efforts by the second game.

Throughout this tournament the media coverage was extensive including a full page colour front page Saturday story in the Living Section of the Portland Oregonian, the major daily newspaper in Oregon. In the story some interesting comments:

  • Robert was referred to as a "middle aged chap in glasses".
  • The sextuple peel is not a form of cosmetic surgery.
  • David Maugham when asked how he's doing, responds, not uncheerily, "Badly. And you?" Sound familiar?

They also pointed out he has recently taken up jive dancing. Mark McInerney referred to as a mandolin rock 'n' roll star and brooding bookworm. Tremaine Arkley an impish man. Garrison, clearly unhappy with his play in this event, takes a seat next to his girlfriend. He takes her hand, grins and says in true McEnroe fashion, "This game is proving to be less than satisfactory."

Next year we will hold an expanded 10th annual Resort Invitational singles competition, same format. We have been discussing plans for a special event, what with the MacRobertson Shield being held at the end of the year. We are starting to line up the players and plan to have a special 10th annual. Stay tuned.

All the players agree that this event is the best singles event in the world and continue to be impressed on how The Resort treats the player's with respect, takes care of them and treats them as the world class athletes they are. We are also pleased to regularly attract the best in the world.

Full Results

Day 1 - June 8th

Round 1

Ronan McInerney bt Jonathan Kirby +8
Damon Bidencope bt Toby Garrison +16
Robert Fulford bt David Maugham +7sxp
Reg Bamford bt Trevor Bassett +16sxp

Round 2

R McInerney bt Mark McInerney +17
Garrison bt Kirby +6
Fulford bt Bidencope +13tpo
Bassett bt Maugham +14tp

Round 3

M McInerney bt Bassett +26tp
Garrison bt R McInerney +12
Bidencope bt Kirby +26tp
Maugham bt Bamford +26tp

Round 4

Kirby bt M McInerney +26tp
Garrison bt Fulford +22tp
Bidencope bt Bamford +26tp
Bassett bt R McInerney +17tp

Day 2 - June 9th

Round 5

M McInerney bt Garrison +26tp
Bamford bt Fulford +6tp
Maugham bt R McInerney +21tp
Kirby bt Bassett +26tp

Round 6

Fulford bt Bassett +26tp
Bamford bt Kirby +26sxp
Maugham bt M McInerney +26tp
R McInerney bt Bidencope +23tp

Round 7

Maugham bt Bidencope +16tp
Bamford bt R McInerney +26qp
Bassett bt Garrison +17tp
Fulford bt M McInerney +14otp

Round 8

Kirby bt Fulford +26tp
Garrison bt Maugham +26
Bassett bt Bidencope +17tp
M McInerney bt Bamford +26tp

Day 3 - June 10th

Round 9

Fulford bt R McInerney +26sxp
Kirby bt Maugham +17
Garrison bt Bamford +21tp
M McInerney bt Bidencope +18tp

Round 10

R McInerney bt Kirby +14tp
Bidencope by Garrison +12
Fulford bt Maugham +16
Bamford bt Bassett +26qp

Round 11

M McInerney bt R McInerney +26tp
Kirby bt Garrison +26tp
Fulford bt Bidencope +4
Maugham bt Bassett +26tp

Round 12

M McInerney bt Bassett +17tp
Garrison bt R McInerney +26
Kirby bt Bidencope +26tp
Maugham bt Bamford +24tp

Day 4 - June 11

Round 13

M McInerney bt Kirby +26tp
Fulford bt Garrison +25tp
Bamford bt Bidencope +7sxp
R. McInerney bt Bassett +14tp

Round 14

M McInerney bt Garrison +13otp
Bamford bt Fulford +26qp
Maugham bt R McInerney +26tp
Bassett bt Kirby +26sxp

Round 15

Bassett bt Fulford +8tp
Kirby bt Bamford +26tp
Maugham bt M McInerney +26tp
R McInerney bt Bidencope +26tp

Round 16

Maugham bt Bidencope +26tp
R McInerney bt Bamford +20tp
Bassett bt Garrison +26tp
Fulford bt M McInerney +26sxp

Day 5 - June 12th

Round 17

Fulford bt Kirby +25tp
Maugham bt Garrison +26tp
Bidencope bt Bassett +20tp
Bamford bt M McInerney +17sxp

Round 18

R McInerney bt Fulford +25
Maugham bt Kirby +17tp
Bamford bt Garrison +26sxp
Bidencope bt M McInerney +26tp


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