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Jonathan Kirby won the Scottish Open

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18th July 2005 (International)

First Round

Dave Nick bt Jonathan Bowen +18
Jenny Williams bt Fergus McInnes +13tp
Chris Dent bt David Appleton +10


Jonathan Kirby bt Bruce Rannie +23 +19
Nick bt Williams +14 +3tp
Dent bt Ian Lines -15tp +17 +14otp
David Openshaw bt Bob Burnett +7 +15


Kirby bt Nick +26tp +14tp
David Openshaw bt Chris Dent -5 +17tp +15tp


Jonathan Kirby bt Openshaw -3 +26tp +17tp

Plate Knockout


Jenny Williams bt Dent +17
Bob Burnett bt Dave Nick +21

Plate Final

Williams bt Burnett +26tp

Peeling prize: Ian Lines (4 tps, 1otp). Other leading tp-ers: Kirby (5), Williams (2)

No sextuples yet (champagne awaits the first ever standard in Edinburgh, something nicer for an octuple)

Report by Jenny and Ian

Nice lawns (flat, no hills by hoops, very good quality grass, Dawson 2000 balls), glorious weather. Last 8, Kirby has a grievous. Dent finished from the contact when Lines TPOed him in the third game of an almost error-free match (for 2, balls in C1 and C4.). Nick failed multi-turn quad and missed peg-out with croqueted ball leaving Rannie on 4&4b v peg & box. Rannie went from 4 to peg and was fortunately unsuccessful in his attempt to wire both of his balls from Nick. Dave missed target of peg and ball and hit 4b and hence lost.

Bruce Rannie adds: My "attempt to wire both balls from Dave Nick" was not so. I was fully aware that one ball was wired, and left the other ball open, hence setting myself a longer rush than I would otherwise have chosen. I also left it open the other side of the peg, so any slope from a peg-shot would not cause a roquet. With my well-known lack of control of croquet balls, as seen again Sunday against Jenny, from the seats it may have looked as though wiring was being attempted, but avoiding wiring was the achieved aim.


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