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Ronan McInerney won the Irish Championship

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6th August 2005 (International)

This year's Irish championship was played from Saturday 30th July to Thursday 4th August to accommodate players travelling to the World Championships.
Following 48 hours continuous rain prior to the start of the tournament, conditions were initially very heavy with two lawns unplayable. As the week progressed the lawns became easier but still slow.


Ben Reeves-Smyth beat Fred Rogerson +5 +18
Kevin Beard beat Alan McInerney +10 -20 +15
Simon Williams beat Andrew Johnston +9 +26tp
Ed Cunningham beat Patsy Fitzgerald +17tp +3
Evan Newell beat Gerard Healy -24tp +13 +26
Dennis Bulloch beat Robert Barklie +26tp +16

Ronan McInerney beat Ben Reeves-Smyth +26 +26tp
Simon Williams beat Kevin Beard +26tp +11
Ed Cunningham beat Evan Newell +17 +17
Aaron Westerby beat Dennis Bulloch +26 +20tp

Ronan McInerney beat Simon Williams +26 +17tp
Ed Cunningham beat Aaron Westerby +19 -15tp +9tp

Ronan McInerney beat Ed Cunningham +26tp +9tp -17 +24tp

Green Cup (Advanced for Handicaps 3+)

Nathaniel Healy beat Leo Dungan +22
Russell Harris beat Richard Stevens +12
Harry Johnston beat Padraig Thornton +14
Nathaniel Healy beat Richard Stevens +18
Harry Johnston beat Leo Dungan +7 t
Russell Harris beat Padraig Thornton +25
Russell Harris beat Nathaniel Healy +8 t
Leo Dungan beat Padraig Thornton +18
Harry Johnston beat Richard Stevens +8 t
Nathaniel Healy beat Harry Johnston +1 t
Russell Harris beat Leo Dungan +20
Richard Stevens beat Padraig Thornton +15
Nathaniel Healy beat Padraig Thornton +24
Leo Dungan beat Richard Stevens +11
Russell Harris beat Harry Johnston +17

Championship Doubles


A. Johnston & Fitzgerald beat Cunningham & Williams +26
Bulloch & Westerby beat G. Healy & Beard +26
R. McInerney & A. McInerney beat Rogerson & Reeves-Smyth +17tp
Newell & N. Healy beat Barklie & Stevens +17
Bulloch & Westerby beat Johnston & Fitzgerald +25tp
McInerney & McInerney beat Newell & N. Healy +5tp

Ronan McInerney & Alan McInerney bt Aaron Westerby & Dennis Bulloch +25tp


Cunningham & Williams beat Rogerson & Reeves-Smyth +2
Bulloch & Westerby beat Newell & N. Healy +25
McInerney & McInerney beat Johnston & Fitzgerald +17tp
G .Healy & Beard beat Barklie & Stevens +26
Bulloch & Westerby beat Cunningham & Williams +10
G. Healy & Beard beat McInerney & McInerney +16

Gerard Healy & Kevin Beard bt Aaron Westerby & Dennis Bulloch +10


McInerney & McInerney beat G. Healy & Beard +17tp

Advanced Plate

Andy Johnston beat Ben Reeves-Smyth +26
Dennis Bulloch beat Alan McInerney +9
Patsy Fitzgerald beat Kevin Beard +10
Andy Johnston beat Patsy Fitzgerald +26tp
Dennis Bulloch beat Ben Reeves-Smyth +10
Kevin Beard beat Andy Johnston +9
Fred Rogerson beat Alan McInerney +2
Kevin Beard beat Ben Reeves-Smyth +14
Dennis Bulloch beat Kevin Beard +9
Alan McInerney beat Andy Johnston +3
Kevin Beard beat Evan Newell +7
Evan Newell beat Dennis Bulloch +10
Dennis Bulloch beat Andy Johnston +17
Evan Newell beat Alan McInerney +17
Evan Newell beat Andy Johnston +23
Dennis Bulloch beat Fred Rogerson +1

Winner: Dennis Bulloch 5 wins out of 6 games


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