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Colin Irwin won The German Open

[<<] [>>] by Jeorn Vinnen at Hamburg
29-31 Jul 2005 (International)

The German Open Croquet Championships take place every two years and were held this year for the first time in Hamburg. Players from six nations enjoyed themselves playing in a relaxed atmosphere and visiting Hamburg City in spite of some heavy showers.

The tournament was won by the reigning champion Colin Irwin with Klaus Gollhofer (Austria) as runner up who defeated 3rd. ranked Tony LeMoignan with some spectacular shots.

Deutscher Krocket Bund is already now looking forward for the 5th German Open in 2007.

Block A

Colin Irwin bt. John Swabey + 24tp
Colin Irwin bt. Guy Towlson +24tp
Colin Irwin bt. Joern Vinnen +26tp
Colin Irwin bt. Klaus Gollhofer +16tp
Colin Irwin bt. Felicitas Olk +26tp

Klaus Gollhofer bt. Martin Murray + 7
Klaus Gollhofer bt. John Swabey + 9t
Klaus Gollhofer bt. Joern Vinnen +20
Klaus Gollhofer bt. Felicitas Olk +19

Martin Murray bt. Colin Irwin + 9tp
Martin Murray bt. Guy Towlson +12
Martin Murray bt. Joern Vinnen +14
Martin Murray bt. John Swabey +14

John Swabey bt. Guy Towlson + 14
John Swabey bt. Joern Vinnen + 20
John Swabey bt. Felicitas Olk + 3

Guy Towlson bt. Klaus Gollhofer + 1t
Guy Towslon bt. Felicitas Olk + 7

Felicitas Olk bt. Martin Murray + 6
Felicitas Olk bt. Joern Vinnen +16

Joern Vinnen bt. Guy Towlson +13

Block B

Tony LeMoignan bt. Christine Irwin +19
Tony LeMoignan bt. Andrew Hope +11
Tony LeMoignan bt. Mark Gooding +25
Tony LeMoignan bt. Alexander Kirsten +19
Tony LeMoignan bt. Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII +18
Tony LeMoignan bt. Alan Morris +22

Andrew Hope bt. Mark Gooding +4
Andrew Hope bt. Alexander Kirsten +19
Andrew Hope bt. Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII +8
Andrew Hope bt. Alan Morris +24

Marc Gooding bt. Christine Irwin +25
Marc Gooding bt. Alexander Kirsten +8
Marc Gooding bt. Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII +5
Marc Gooding bt. Alan Morris +5t

Christine Irwin bt. Andrew Hope +9t
Christine Irwin bt. Alexander Kirsten +1t
Chistine Irwin bt. Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII +1t
Christine Irwin bt. Alan Morris +2t

Alexander Kirsten bt. Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII +15
Alexander Kirsten bt. Alan Morris + 1t

Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII bt. Christine Irwin +1t
Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII bt. Alan Morris +21


Colin Irwin bt. Andrew Hope
Klaus Gollhofer bt. Tony LeMoignan +10

Final (Best of 3)

Colin Irwin bt. Klaus Gollhofer + 23tp, + 18tp

Plate Event (Swiss Format)

Mark Gooding bt. John Swabey +8
Mark Gooding bt. Guy Towlson +6
Mark Gooding bt. Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII +4t

Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII bt. Joern Vinnen + 25
Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII bt. Felicitas Olk + 8

Martin Murray bt. Christine Irwin +23
Martin Murray bt. Alexander Kirsten +15tp

Guy Towlson bt. Alan Morris +2t

John Swabey bt. Alexander Kirsten +1t

Alexander Kirsten bt. Felicitas Olk +3

Alan Morris bt. Joern Vinnen +3t

Final Rankings

1. Colin Irwin
2. Klaus Gollhofer
3. Tony LeMoignan
4. Andrew Hope
5. Mark Gooding
6= Vicomte Charles Eric Villain XIIII, Martin Murray
9= Guy Towlson, John Swabey, Alexander Kirsten, Alan Morris
13= Christine Irwin, Felicitas Olk, Joern Vinnen


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